Monday, November 6, 2017

I am Mentally Ill

I am mentally ill.  I have been all my life.  It isn't something you catch off a toilet seat or from eating with your neighbor's spoon. It can be induced by trauma or stress.  Like any other disease it can present as chronic (long term) or acute (of short duration). 
For my part it is chronic and lifelong. I am a manic depressive, what today is called a bipolar. I don't use the term because, as I have said before, I am not a battery. While prior to my formal diagnosis and treatment many areas of my life were out of control including my temper, I never attempted to hurt anyone.  I am prone to rage even after twenty years of treatment and twice that many years of therapy and would never consider owning a gun.
It must be noted that there are benefits to my disease. One of which is that I am bloody smart. Most of us are in fact. We are too smart to be used as scapegoats by an indifferent public, a whoring government, a dim witted president or a greedy, bloated gun lobby.
It is time to demand sensible gun control in this country. You can't with any margin of credibility cut funding for mental health treatment as Trump proposes, than insist that only mental illness is responsible for these egregious acts of violence; deny felons the vote than turn around and sell them guns; insist that even the sickest among us have a right to own guns as Congress has while gathering together in the vestments of the hypocrite praying to a benevolent God and insisting that only more guns will solve gun violence.
Speaking with the expertise of someone who is technically and clinically crazy, all of this is nuts. Speaking on behalf of mentally ill people everywhere who deal every minute of every day with their disease, we do our job now the public, the government and that creature in the Oval Office need to do theirs.

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