Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Nothing to Fear but Fear Itself ... FDR

I just called Jackie Speier's office and asked why she is withholding the names of men in Congress who have perpetrated sexual harassment.  The staff member I spoke to told me that the victims are frightened. Okay. So, the upshot is that this is becoming a Democratic issue.
There is a price to pay for running scared.  There is a price to pay for allowing fear to rule a party, a life or a social/political position.
The Democrats have been frightened for years, frightened of being called Liberal; frightened of being too far to the Left; frightened of separating themselves from money, big donors and Wall Street; frightened of standing too firmly for Labor.
The price they have paid is a dwindling donor base, a shrinking party, the loss of elections at the city, county and state levels in record numbers and finally Donald Fucking Trump.
Yes, the Democrats earned him as well as the Republicans. Establishment politics and business as usual gave this country the abomination of Trump on both sides of the aisle. Where they didn't sow apathy they sowed disgust - and the worst possible element took control.
Sanders rose to power on his courage. The people who supported him still support him because of that courage. Albeit he didn't win the nomination, he is the voice of the Left in my mind and the mind of millions. I hear few others. I refuse to support a party, an agenda or any member of society or government who can't face life with courage.
If women truly want this mistreatment to stop they must step up and fight back. The day for hiding behind someone else's voice is over. As it was over in the day of the fledgling Feminist Movement and the beginning of the Civil Rights Movement.
The staff member in Speier's office snarled at me that perhaps I wasn't sensitive enough to be afraid. Of course I have been afraid. Courage has nothing to do with not knowing fear. Courage is about moving to spite fear. So, let's move past our fear rather than cutting our own throats for a change.

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