Friday, November 3, 2017

The Truth, At Last

We knew this, those of us inside Bernie's campaign saw it and were told to sit down and shut up.  Those of us working for Bernie on Twitter and Facebook saw the bots that claimed to be Bernie's people, knew they weren't ours because our geeks couldn't trace their IP addresses to a person or organization inside this country. We weren't sophisticated enough to identify Russian interference, but we knew that the so-called Bernie Bros and other cyberspace jag-offs weren't part of his campaign. We were told to sit down and shut up.
Sanders' people don't sit down and shut-up, not then, not now, not ever. We are part of the resistance and we still stand with Sanders and his principles. Having said all of this if the Democratic Party wants to become whole again, form common cause again and win elections again they must organize around something other than the Clintons and their Neoliberal agenda. This isn't about what some call "purity." This is about the party of the people and the Great Liberal Cause. We are the Left, and we like   it that way.
Finally, it is time to put 2016 in the past, stop whining, finger pointing and reopening our wounds. It is time for us all, on both sides, to direct our energy and passion toward defeating the greatest enemy this Republic has ever faced - the enemy within - Trump.

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