Monday, January 15, 2018

Nothing New Here

Donald Trump is not ignorant; he is ignominious. He is not illiterate; he is indifferent. He is not ineffective he is egomanicaal. Trump is a narcissist, and by his nature believes himself to be the only actor on the stage. The rest of us - Dreamers, other people of color, women, Democrats, Republicans, the poor, the elderly, the Middle Class and everyone in between are simply stage props in his private performance. We are to be moved around to meet his needs, blamed and shamed as it serves him. Ironically, when things go wrong within the play it is the responsibility of the props rather than the star. How that works exactly is unclear to me, and Jung is dead.
There is no Trumpism. What some in the media and many Republicans call by that name is simply institutional hate and racism. Trump tapped into the lowest common denominator, the dark underbelly of our society, played to the resentment, bigotry and sense of being left behind that exists when some spend their time begrudging what others have, rather than trying to move ahead on their own merit. If this sounds "unchristian, " I would remind you that I am not a Christian. I am a Pagan, and we have survived from time in immemoroiam by being very clear who and what the enemy is.
Mental health professionals may disagree, but the narcissists that I have known in my many, many years on this planet have been profoundly opportunistic and excellent at the art of impersonation. In other words they find a weakness and exploit it while impersonating the savor of those afflicted by the weakness in question.
Its time we stopped thinking of Trump as someone new and unique. He is none of that; indeed, he is as common and dangerous as the hate he peddles. From Caligula to Putin all tyrants have been and are the same. Our job is to Resist them unequivocally and without illusions.

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