Tuesday, June 19, 2018

True Believer

I have always been a true believer – a passionately committed lifelong Liberal and a devout Socialist since college.  First, let me say that I don’t discuss socialist theory with people who don’t know the difference between a Communist and a Socialist; or between a Utopian, Liberal, Libertarian, Ethical, Fabian or Democratic Socialist. Suffice it to say that I am not nor have I ever been a Communist or an Anarchist. Further, as I near 70 with many battles behind me, some won and some lost with the scars to prove it, and with many fewer years left to live than I have lived, I invite anyone who doesn’t like my politics to kiss my beautiful Italian ass at high noon on Main Street in any city of their choice.

Like I said, I have always been a true believer – in the common good, human rights, social and economic justices and peace. I believe that labor is just as important as capital because they share a reciprocity that is only misunderstood or denied by the greedy and the corrupt. 
I have always stood up for my beliefs.  I have marched, written, spoken out, demonstrated, engage in civil disobedience and gone to jail for my trouble.  I have done all of this because I truly believed in this country’s ability to evolve, to reach for its highest and best purpose.  I am having trouble believing in this country on this day.

Through whatever mechanism, Republican hubris, Democratic stupidity, misguided and empty defiance or just plain apathy, we have placed a narcissistic monster in the highest office in the land. The monster has filled the halls of power with deceit and corruption. His cabinet is a Petri dish full of vicious and stunted personalities with the moral compass of the Ebola virus. Trump himself is a conman and an extortionist; holding the lives of children as leverage against the United States Congress in order to facilitate his xenophobic, white nationalist, extreme isolationist agenda. Making our allies furious while he sucks up to every murderous despot in the world, this crook is insane.  Wrapping himself in the flag, Trump spits on everything this country stands for, everything this country represents in the world and at home. My grandfather and father, veterans of WWI and WWII respectively did not fight for Trump’s America. My friends with their names carved on a black wall in D.C. did not die for Trump’s America.

Why have we committed this hideous, egregious, near suicidal betrayal of ourselves? Well, for a few dollars on the common person’s income tax return; for a promise of the return of jobs made obsolete decades ago; for the privilege of blaming immigrants for “taking” jobs offered to them by American business owners to cheap to pay American citizens; and for some the vacuous comfort of tribalism, hatred and bigotry.

My moral dilemma today is simply this. My doctors tell me I am too old for the fight. My therapist tells me that there is only so much fighting anyone’s psyche can sustain.  My Goddess tells me that the cruelty of Trump’s America is crushing my soul, and my soul is my center.  Yet can anyone be morally responsible and turn away? Can anyone say I am finished with so much wrong and so much more at stake?

Most of you know that next to my beloved husband, my cats and my roses there is one great love in my life.  That would be the exquisite thoughts and poetry of William Shakespeare. I have read and studied his work for many years.  Today more than any other day I truly understand the chronic indecision of his greatest character, Hamlet.

Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Kick the Bum Out

Call me crazy - its been done. Call me stupid - someone did that once when I was seven. Call me over emotional - hey, I am an Italian, of course I am over emotional, and proud of it. Still and all, I am appalled and sickened by the casualness with which the media and others are treating the idea that President Obama could have been under the immediate medical supervision of someone too drunk to help him if he had need of the help.
I spent decades in the medical profession. I know how easily staff is intimidated, tricked, bullied and lied into covering for a superior. Add to it the rank and privileged of the military and I can easily imagine many people covering for Jackson or anyone like him.
Having said that, and with the caveat that these are allegations, if this doctor was at anytime too drunk to tend to a medical situation involving or around the President of the United States whether the president was overseas or in the White House, he needs to lose his medical license and quickly, full stop. After that the military, Trump and his swaggering twats on Capitol Hill can stuff Jackson in whatever orifice he will fit.

Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Normalizing Trump

Trump is angry about Nunberg being on T.V. yesterday says the media as if speaking about Elizabeth I being angry about the Queen of Scots plotting to steal her throne. Who gives a fuck what Donald Trump is angry about? Just because the Idiot and Chief thinks he's a king, MSNBC doesn't have to agree.
I grow increasingly disgusted with the media normalizing Trump. I have said before, and will say again, they get up every morning looking for JFK, Reagan, George Bush the Elder or Obama in the Oval Office. Along about 5 pm EST they are pulling their hair out and running around screaming because Dumb and Dumber's crazier brother is still glowering at them from behind a camera.
They rant and rave about Trump's base or 80% of Republicans as if they are the majority of the American electorate. Somewhere between 23-38% of the voting public identify as Republican. Trump's approval rating this morning is 35%. Taking the high end figure 80% of 38% is roughly 30%. This is hardly a majority.
Between Gerrymandering and voter suppression - both of which are facing significant legal challenges and going down in defeat - the Republican Party has managed to hold power at the expense of the will of the people. Donald J. Trump is the logical outcome of winning by cheating and standing firmly on a platform of greed, xenophobia, legalized corruption and the perversion of the Christian faith to meet an ever more vacuous Conservative ideology.
A blue wave is said to be coming. That will only happen if the Democrats can manage to find a message and agenda, beyond the threat of impeachment, that serves the American people and not just K Street, Wall Street and a petri dish full of squirming donors who have infected this country with a plague of selfishness, gluttony and blind self interest.
We the people must do routine and rigorous reality checks on the would be jounalists who balloon the 30% into a majority to swell ratings and preserve their position of power in the cable news industry. We must insist that Trump is neither a king nor a popular president.
In point of fact, Donald Trump is a bad joke played on a gullible public by the establishment of both parties - the Republicans who supported him and the Democrats who let him win by default.
Come November VOTE!

Thursday, February 15, 2018

Bullshit, Thy Name is Politician

As you watch the self-righteous, duplicitous, money grubbing, double talking, triple dealing politicians pull their head out of the NRA's ass and slither to a microphone bemoaning the mental health problem in this country, REMEMBER THIS!!

Friday, January 19, 2018

Praise the Lord ... When it is Convenient

The Religious Right's Pro-life-Brigade is on the streets teaching us all moral principles. Of course, the serial adulterer, sexual assaulter,  lair, bigot, white supremacists supporter they helped put in the White House doesn't bother them at all. It's about moral authority - forfeited in 2016. Piety begins at home.
I have no objection to people who hold Pro-life views conscientiously. One of my dearest and most beloved friends is Pro-life. What I object to is hypocrisy. What I object to is the idea that the theory of life that is held by one faith is incumbent upon those who don't follow that faith. To wit: as a Pagan woman, I do not believe that life begins at conception.  According to my religious world view the soul or spirit chooses its incarnation before birth, selecting and entering the vehicle of that incarnation at the time of birth. However, my religious views do not hold parity with the views of the people on the streets. Pagans are not to enjoy the same religious liberty as the "Christians" roaming the byways of our nation's capitol today.
I make no apology for the anger I feel this morning. It was just a few centuries ago that the ancestors of these Pro-lifers ran my grandmothers to ground; drowning, hanging and putting them to the stake. For faith, maybe; for power more like. The power to control other people's lives and destiny - not to mention property and wealth. The same drive for power sent these mighty-righteous hypocrites to the polls to vote for one of the most profane men to ever sit in the Oval Office.
Pardon my cynicism, but perhaps this joint circle jerk between the paunchy and the pious is really nothing more then a mutual power grab. After all, one can't help but wonder how many abortions "their" president paid for in his womanizing days when he was hiding between the sheets of super models from the War in Viet Nam? When exactly did this greedy, avaricious, son of Mammon find God?
To all those Lifers roaming the streets of D.C. today I say, get you ass home and see to your own moral values. You are not invited to shove your God down my throat while wallowing in the Devil's bed.

Monday, January 15, 2018

Nothing New Here

Donald Trump is not ignorant; he is ignominious. He is not illiterate; he is indifferent. He is not ineffective he is egomanicaal. Trump is a narcissist, and by his nature believes himself to be the only actor on the stage. The rest of us - Dreamers, other people of color, women, Democrats, Republicans, the poor, the elderly, the Middle Class and everyone in between are simply stage props in his private performance. We are to be moved around to meet his needs, blamed and shamed as it serves him. Ironically, when things go wrong within the play it is the responsibility of the props rather than the star. How that works exactly is unclear to me, and Jung is dead.
There is no Trumpism. What some in the media and many Republicans call by that name is simply institutional hate and racism. Trump tapped into the lowest common denominator, the dark underbelly of our society, played to the resentment, bigotry and sense of being left behind that exists when some spend their time begrudging what others have, rather than trying to move ahead on their own merit. If this sounds "unchristian, " I would remind you that I am not a Christian. I am a Pagan, and we have survived from time in immemoroiam by being very clear who and what the enemy is.
Mental health professionals may disagree, but the narcissists that I have known in my many, many years on this planet have been profoundly opportunistic and excellent at the art of impersonation. In other words they find a weakness and exploit it while impersonating the savor of those afflicted by the weakness in question.
Its time we stopped thinking of Trump as someone new and unique. He is none of that; indeed, he is as common and dangerous as the hate he peddles. From Caligula to Putin all tyrants have been and are the same. Our job is to Resist them unequivocally and without illusions.

Friday, December 8, 2017

The Feminine is Fed Up

We can't stop bad men by sacrificing good men. We can't attain the moral high ground on our knees. We can't let political opportunists lead a moral movement.
Questions: Would Al Franken have been sacrificed to the cause if he weren't in a safe Democratic seat? Is Jackie Speier's reticence to identify men that she claims to have knowledge of engaging in sexual harassment/abuse an act of cowardice? Is Kirsten Gillibrand attaching herself to the MeToo Movement to gain political currency to spend in a bid for the 2020 presidential campaign?
Consider: Senator Robert Menendez, accused of corruption, was given due process both by the Senate Ethics Committee and the judiciary. Jackie Speier, according to her office, refuses to offer up the names of the other people in Congress who have been part of this malignant misogyny because "the victims don't want to come forward." They don't have to do anything of the kind. Many accuser have reported their harassment/abuse anonymously. Gillibrand whipped up a mob - I am sorry to say Sanders was part of it. I don't like mobs. I don't like mob action. Full disclosure, I don't like Gillibrand.
The MeToo Movement is righteous. Many women have suffered mightily because of male sexual aggression in the workplace. I am not one of them, but many women have suffered. The Movement is the logical outgrowth of electing a career sexual predictor to the highest office in the land. The feminine is fed up.
MeToo is far to important to be tarnished, indeed undermined, by scapegoating for political gain, attempting to sustain a moral position without transparency, or the kind of sick opportunism that is part and parcel of the tribalism that threatens our very democracy.