Thursday, December 29, 2016

Greenwald Speaks the Truth

I don’t like Julian Assange. Sometime ago I became estranged from two friends for saying that, so let me be clear. He makes my skin crawl. Every time I see his anemic face staring out of a dark room, through a dingy window, I want to spray Raid on my T.V. screen. Call it my Witch’s gut.  Call it a woman’s intuition. Hell, you can even call me stupid –someone did once in the 3rd grade.  I didn’t give a damn then, and I’ll care a lot less now.  I can’t stand the sight of the man.

Having said all of this, Glenn Greenwald, a real honest to the Goddess journalist, writing for “The Intercept” argues that whether you like him or not Assange does not deserve to be misquoted, misrepresented and in general trashed by a publication pushing a political agenda; particularly, when that publication, in this case the Guardian, smugly prides itself on being part of the movement to expose fake news.  Political agendas are always to be considered suspect, and post election agendas are especially irksome because they are often empty of purpose other than blame. Since November 8th the blame game has been on, and the MSM has fed it red meat by the pound for fun and profit.

With growing waves of nausea I hear the Clinton people blaming anyone they can for her loss in November.  On Monday it is Bernie, on Tuesday it is the Russians/Assange, on Wednesday it is Bernie, on Thursday it is protest voters/diet coke, fast food and high cholesterol, on Friday and through the weekend they are back to Bernie again.  In my not uninformed or uneducated opinion, if the bulk of the blame is to be laid anywhere outside of the campaign it would be with the MSM, FBI and DNC.  I realize that our intelligence people are convinced the Russians interfered in some way with our elections, and while I am not willing to discredit them out of hand, like Fox Mulder I am usually unwilling to take what my government tells me to the band and start writing checks. But let all of that go.

The article that has Greenwald in a flap was written by someone he feels was a pro-Clinton journalist, one Ben Jacobs, with the approval of his editorial board; thus, making the “Guardian” culpable in his journalistic recklessness. I have read Jacobs, and concur he was pro-Clinton as was his rag.  Much of the media was pro-Clinton. The fact that from print journalism to network and cable T.V. the MSM can’t resist peddling their opinions as factual news is bad enough.  In the following article Greenwald demonstrates that Jacobs out and out misrepresented statements made by Assange in an interview with an Italian journalist. This is totally unacceptable; it does not serve the American people, the Republic or the truth. I don’t like Assange, but I like this crap a hell of a lot less.

Monday, December 26, 2016

As the New Year Approaches

With the New Year approaching I am asking myself what I want to do as 2017 marches on.  I want to exercise more, lose weight, eat better – who doesn’t?  I want to open my mind and make sure that I am not living in the echo chamber that I accuse others of living in.  There are decent, reasonable and clear thinking Conservatives. There are loony Liberals who knee jerk their way through life and add little to the discussion or the movement.

Having said all of that let me say that I am a Liberal – pure and simple.  I am in fact a Democratic Socialist.  I am not responsible for people who don’t know the difference between Vladimir Lenin and George Bernard Shaw.  I am unwilling to take responsibility for people who can’t or won’t understand the evolution of Socialist thought from pure Marxism to the Fabian Movement to the Socialist Workers/Labor Party and on to the modern day Democratic Socialist as represented by the philosophy of Senator Bernie Sanders.

I am not responsible nor will I apologize; and I will never change. Rooted in the values of Democratic Socialism is my core value system which can be summed up simply as a devout belief in social and economic justice.  Nonetheless, I believe that a closed mind is a dead mind; and a dead mind is useless.  Accordingly, I strive to remember the words of Malcolm X, “I’m for truth, no matter who tells it. I’m for justice, no matter who it is for or against. I’m a human being, first and foremost, and as such I’m for whoever and whatever benefits humanity as a whole.”

While I will strive in 2017 to open my mind and learn from those I don’t agree with, I intend to resist with all my talent and energy what I perceive to be America’s first Authoritarian/Fascist Administration.  I have sat in the box and been called out for my opinions by both sides – Right and Left.  I can give as good I get, and nothing infuriates me beyond reason save the self righteous who vilify and demonize me or anyone else in the name of their Lord.  Firstly, they presume that he is my Lord.  He is not.  Secondly, they surmise that because I don’t follow their faith that I have no faith. That is untrue. Finally, they seem to labor under the delusion that their snorting and stomping will either shut me up or force me into compliance. Nothing could be further from the truth.

It has been my observation that these trolls of God wearing their bigotry like armor and wielding their hate like a sword are the frontline of Trump’s army.  They are not, however, to be identified with the entirety of his followers; many millions of which saw the world mushroom into hostile territory as it was watered by Republican greed and fed Democratic Neo-Liberal bullshit and globalism, leaving them in the dirt. 

When the Trump bubble explodes in their face - sooner rather than later I suspect - it will be time to approach them with respect and understanding in the spirit of solidarity.  The material point is that the mushroom nurtured by the Republicans and Democrats will turn deadly poison in Trump’s hands. It will take a movement of the people, for and by the people, to create an antidote to save ourselves, our children and our planet.

If we are going to figure out how to fix the mess we have made, we will have to fix it together.  It is just that simple.  I don’t often quote the Bible.  It isn’t my book, if you take my meaning.  Still, I have read it.  Many Pagans do.  One passage from “Proverbs” seems relevant: When pride comes, then comes disgrace, but with humility comes wisdom.

Let us seek wisdom as 2017 marches on.

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Happy Solstice by Barbara Carvallo

It is the night of Solstice, and I am cooking.  Italian sauce for dinner with dear friends tomorrow; Papa's favorite cookies backed and an orange, walnut, cranberry Bundt cake in the oven; just finished freezing homemade green chili for a winter meal as Dvorak's cello concerto in B minor, op 104 drifts through the soft light of my warm and welcoming kitchen. A faded sunset of pale gold and pearly white is settling into the west, bringing on the longest night of the year and heralding a period of rest and meditation for Pagan gardeners.
My roses are dormant. They sleep now, dreaming of summer light and soft rain. Tulips, daffodils, iris and crocus will stir at the Quickening, beginning to stretch their greenery at the Maiden Goddess' command.
The Great Crone Hecate is eminent now. Singing lovingly to the old year as it moves inevitably toward its death. She will watch all winter, helping life begin and end. Her magic is sacred, Her power incorruptible and absolute. This is Her time, and a time of comfort, stillness and tranquility for those of us who know Her.
I wish you all of this and more. Happy Solstice my sisters.

The Con is On

Before we head into 2017 and the burlesque of Trump's inauguration, let us take stock. There is no reason for anyone to reiterate the idea that, "He is not my president." Trump won't be anyone's president. He is a self aggrandizing sociopath; a two-for-a-nickle grifter; a confidence man's confidence man who - along with the the league of scoundrels he proposes to place in his cabinet - will turn the United States of America into his personal hedge fund.
They will do the only thing they have ever done, make money. I have said before and will say again, when money is all you want, money is all you get. Money has been all America has wanted for a very long time. We now have, arguably, the richest man who has ever stepped foot in the Oval Office. He is proposing to appoint the richest crew of cabinet secretaries ever to disgrace America. Yes, we have money. We don't have intellect, integrity, erudition, education, experience, wisdom or even a president; but by the Living Goddess we have money. Everybody happy now?
Thus as we go forward into 2017 with little to hope for and less to admire, behold the Trump Doctrine. Peddle a little Pro-life and a little Second Amendment while bending the faithful over a table and calling it love of country.

Monday, December 19, 2016

Speaking Out on Twitter

A banner day for the stupid among us. The most idiotic nominee for president in the history of the Republic has just been given the blessing of the Electoral College. Arguably the goddamned thing shouldn't even exist. Still, here we sit with this buffoon who won an election - if that is what you want to call it - where nearly 45% of us didn't bother to vote, an estimated 30% voted down ballot only and his opponent won the popular vote by almost 3,000,000. You do the math.
To paraphrase the great writers at National Lampoon, "We are flukes of the Universe. We may have lost our right to be here, and whether we can hear it or not, the Universe is laughing behind our backs."

Thursday, December 15, 2016


Breaking News. "Donald Trump arrested" Please if you see two police officers arresting Donald Trump on your computer screen, Do not click to read the news. It is a Virus . Someone has done that and it has infected their computer. Please send to all in your contact list . Pass This On

Monday, December 12, 2016

When in Doubt, Garden.

The flower is reality, politics a cruel hoax.  Blessed Be. 

Friday, December 9, 2016

On the Darkside

The article that follows, is a brilliant intellectual, spiritual and psychic assessment of exactly what is happening in this country now.  We have entered the darkness.  I have said before, and will say again, Trump is Karma.  There are powerful forces at work behind, in and around this fool. 

For those committed to the reverence and worship of the Sacred Feminine the article speaks of Kali – the Dark Mother of the Hindu tradition. In my tradition She is the Crone and third aspect of the Great Triple Goddess.  When I reached my Croning, I was called by the Crone Hecate – Queen of the Witches and Goddess of the Dark Side of the Moon.  She wields the Dark with power, authority and healing.  That is the point of the article – healing in and through the course of the nightmare we have wrought. 

I am a Witch.  I have no fear of the dark.  I and others like me see in the dark.  We are seeing now at the edge of the eclipse.  I make no claim to special power.  It is simply that I am old, wise and as honest as I can be. The latter is a Cardinal Virtue, as the Catholics say, in my faith.  I am honest with myself, with the world and with you dear reader. 

As I said very truthfully to a good friend of mine earlier today, in the human body there are genetic markers which must be activated for some of us to have certain illness that others won’t have because the markers aren’t present.  I believe there are analogous markers, if you will, in our intellectual, moral and spiritual makeup.  Trump hit them all – fear, resentment and hate.  On these he built his movement. While doing so he sold his public a bill of goods.  Because he is a conman of the first order, he is now engaged in the oldest con of all – bait and switch.  Anyone paying attention to the sleaze he is attempting to put in his cabinet knows the switch is on.   Thus, the darkness deepens.

For those who prefer let us speak in Jungian terms.  Trump has taken this nation deep into its collective unconscious, burrowing into our Shadow.  Oh don’t get me wrong, he is a tool without much more wit than a screwdriver or a hammer.  He has no idea what he is doing beyond his own self interest as he pulls the worst elements of our nature out and parades them around dressed up in patriotism and populist angst.  Jung knew the truth and he told it; there is power in the Shadow for anyone willing to face their demons – the worst elements of their nature – and take that power back.  This is the magic of healing. 

Witches know that magic is a matter of a fierce will, a focused intent and faith – above all faith.  So, whether your faith is in my Goddess, Christ, Brahma, Buddha, Allah, any Deity that I haven’t mentioned or yourself and the Universe, let us stand together.  Let us do some magic. 

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Speaking Out on Twitter

There is a name for Tom Price - Trump's pick for Secretary of HHS - and it ain't Mr. Secretary. This pasty-faced slug has been peddling influence and sucking off K Street's tit for a decade plus on behalf of Georgia's 6th District and the wealthy in the healthcare industry (insurance companies, hospitals and doctors). He serves the latter primarily. Yeah, there is a name for Price. It starts with a "w", ends with an "e" and sounds like door.

Friday, December 2, 2016


For me the Christmas Holiday comes on in dark patches of sky and soul.  Many who don’t follow the Christian religion, particularly as publicly practiced by media/politicians/vocal celebrities today, are bewildered as to what it is all about other than excess and resentment for those who aren’t part of the faith.  Resentment overlaid with a chilling ignorance and indifference extended to those of us whose seasonal celebrations predate Christmas by centuries, even millennia, and whose traditions have been appropriated without so much as a by-your-leave. 

The Roman holiday of Saturnalia – December 17th-25th – appears to have been chosen as the time of Christmas in an effort to persuade Roman Pagans to join in the Christian’s observance.  The ancient celebration itself was a time of chaos dominated by the nomination of a “Lord of Misrule” who at the end of the carnival-like ritual and in the best tradition of antiquity was scapegoated and sacrificed to scare off various and assorted bogymen associated with the so-called forces of darkness. Since the festival seemed to have very little to do with the theory of Christmas, early authorities settled on December 25th only for the purpose of commemorating the birth of Jesus.

More closely aligned with my tradition are Yule and the Winter Solstice. The former was originally part of the Norse Tradition beginning before the Solstice and running past New Years Day.  The latter is celebrated on December 21st or 22nd.  Winter Solstice has been recognized in some form since the beginning of time our traditions teach us.  It is the longest night of the year and is reckoned to herald the re-birth of the Sun.  The world sits at the edge of Winter, as Goddess rests Her regenerative power to prepare for the Quickening at Imbolc (February 1st) and the awakening of the Earth. The Sun grows in intensity to nourish the planet’s blooming in the Spring and Summer months.  Thus, providing us with the harvest that will carry us through the next Winter as the Wheel of the Year turns.

On Solstice night many burn three candles upon a log, known as the Yule Log.  I was trained to use a green, a red and a white candle, representing the three aspects of Goddess – Maiden, Mother and Crone.  The Log is often decorated with holly, mistletoe and pine branches hung with brightly colored bulbs and strung with lights or streamers made with popcorn.  We burn Bayberry and Pine incense and candles, make cookies and cider.  Finally, the Log maybe burned.  It symbolizes the rebirth of the Sun by the grace of Goddess and is sacred in our eyes. 

All of our rituals are Earth based.  At Yule we thank Goddess for the Earth – the only gift we need.  I am honored to be a servant of the Earth, a gardener.  This is the work I do on behalf of my Goddess.  It is the finest gift I have to give and I will give it freely because that is a moral mandate of my faith.  This is the meaning of Solstice and Yule, indeed of Imbolc, Ostara, Beltane, Litha, Lammas, Mabon and Samhain as well.  Blessed Be.