Friday, December 9, 2016

On the Darkside

The article that follows, is a brilliant intellectual, spiritual and psychic assessment of exactly what is happening in this country now.  We have entered the darkness.  I have said before, and will say again, Trump is Karma.  There are powerful forces at work behind, in and around this fool. 

For those committed to the reverence and worship of the Sacred Feminine the article speaks of Kali – the Dark Mother of the Hindu tradition. In my tradition She is the Crone and third aspect of the Great Triple Goddess.  When I reached my Croning, I was called by the Crone Hecate – Queen of the Witches and Goddess of the Dark Side of the Moon.  She wields the Dark with power, authority and healing.  That is the point of the article – healing in and through the course of the nightmare we have wrought. 

I am a Witch.  I have no fear of the dark.  I and others like me see in the dark.  We are seeing now at the edge of the eclipse.  I make no claim to special power.  It is simply that I am old, wise and as honest as I can be. The latter is a Cardinal Virtue, as the Catholics say, in my faith.  I am honest with myself, with the world and with you dear reader. 

As I said very truthfully to a good friend of mine earlier today, in the human body there are genetic markers which must be activated for some of us to have certain illness that others won’t have because the markers aren’t present.  I believe there are analogous markers, if you will, in our intellectual, moral and spiritual makeup.  Trump hit them all – fear, resentment and hate.  On these he built his movement. While doing so he sold his public a bill of goods.  Because he is a conman of the first order, he is now engaged in the oldest con of all – bait and switch.  Anyone paying attention to the sleaze he is attempting to put in his cabinet knows the switch is on.   Thus, the darkness deepens.

For those who prefer let us speak in Jungian terms.  Trump has taken this nation deep into its collective unconscious, burrowing into our Shadow.  Oh don’t get me wrong, he is a tool without much more wit than a screwdriver or a hammer.  He has no idea what he is doing beyond his own self interest as he pulls the worst elements of our nature out and parades them around dressed up in patriotism and populist angst.  Jung knew the truth and he told it; there is power in the Shadow for anyone willing to face their demons – the worst elements of their nature – and take that power back.  This is the magic of healing. 

Witches know that magic is a matter of a fierce will, a focused intent and faith – above all faith.  So, whether your faith is in my Goddess, Christ, Brahma, Buddha, Allah, any Deity that I haven’t mentioned or yourself and the Universe, let us stand together.  Let us do some magic. 

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