Tuesday, April 21, 2015

What Kind of Madness is This

When one realizes that there are people in state and federal government doing their best to give rapists parental rights over the children they fathered during the act of rape, it is worth asking what kind of malignant, anti-woman, child hating monsters we have in government at this time.  I say child hating because who in their right mind would grant a convicted rapist access to a child.  Particularly a child who shares the sex of her mother.

See the link below, and share it if you can.  You will never have an opportunity to share anything more important.  

Friday, April 17, 2015

The Wisdom of the Crone

We all have families; some people like theirs and some people don’t.  Personally, I wouldn't walk across the street to turn the hose on most of my blood relatives if they were on fire.  That is a hard saying, I know, but true none the less.  That doesn't mean that I don’t have a family – I do, a family of choice that I love dearly. 

It is difficult to ascertain after 6 ½ decades of life exactly what permanently polluted and soiled the familial love that society maintains we owe our kin.  In the final analysis, it doesn't really matter.  Suffice it to say that there is a way in which health, even survival, depends upon not exposing oneself to the nightmares of the past in the persona of individual family members. 

I am not given to the slop of sentimentality or what is commonly bleated about as forgiveness.  I find it similar to eating too much chocolate or sitting too long in the cloying scent of the wild honeysuckle.  Sooner or later that which was once pleasantly sweet becomes oppressively sickening.  I am, however, given to a negative turn of mind – a kind of electron psychology.  Accordingly, I see well in the dark and take no responsibility for people who don’t. 

As a devout believer in the Great Goddess and a respecter of the Cosmic Laws of Karma, my single most important duty to others is to never obstruct their path nor allow them to obstruct mine.  It is therefore possible for me to reinvent my life, permanently letting go of the people who no longer encourage my spiritual growth and evolution. 

In more mundane terms those that cause me pain, serving to limit my vision or reinforce destructive ideations that I have worked hard to overcome are not welcome in my life.  To allow them to stay, to solicit or encourage a relationship with such people, blood or no, is not good for their Karma or mine. 

This I believe is Crone wisdom.  To paraphrase the old rock and roll song, if you believe in forever then THIS life is just a one night stand.  If souls are meant to come together throughout eternity, it matters little what physical incarnation one sees again this go around.

Thursday, April 9, 2015

What is it About Abortion

The Right’s attitude about abortions has nothing to do with children.  If it did there wouldn't be so many hungry children in this country or so many Republican politicians making political points by demonizing their underpaid or impoverished parents.   It isn't about God.  These influence peddlers wouldn't know God if he flew up their ass on a flaming two-by-four.  I have had people ask me how I dare question another person’s faith.  I DO DARE! I reserve the right to question the faith of anyone who would shove their religion down my throat by legislative fiat.  I have a right to expect them to be letter perfect, to walk in the shoes of Jesus Christ and to wear the stigmata.  Failing this test, I have the right to tell them to sit down and shut the hell up because they are no better than they should be and most of them aren't as good as they ought to be.  

If it is not about children, and it is not about God; what is it about abortion that drives the Right to insist that in a country that sanctions capital punishment, puts the freedom of gun owners ahead of the freedom of school children to grow up and ranks war for profit higher than peace, a woman’s right to control her own body is murder?  Clearly, it is about women.  The patriarchal model has long held women to be utilities, living incubators if you will, as well as insisting that we bear all responsibility for the moral rectitude of society’s sexual existence even though we are the source of all evil.  I don’t pretend to understand this schizoid conundrum.  After all, I am a Pagan lady who hates capital punishment, detests guns and refuses to practice or support those who practice war.  The idea of human beings as merely useful to an order or system is repugnant to me.  Thus, I recognize that if the patriarchy loses control of women’s bodies they will lose control of women.

Having said all of this, one of the major problems I have with the entire debate over abortion is that while quasi intelligent, pseudo Christian, two-for-a-nickel, self serving, servants of God blunder about in state legislatures all over this country setting the standards and conditions and definitions of how women may exercise their legal right to abortion; while the Right side of the U.S. Supreme Court took it upon themselves to practice medicine without a license deciding what is and is not abortive in terms of contraception, the medical profession seems to be blind, deaf and dumb.  Like the three monkeys who see, hear and say nothing these self appointed and outwardly indifferent patient advocates sit around with their fingers up their butts and their minds on the planet Mongo.  One would think that the AMA and/or the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists would have told these ignorant and arrogant laypeople to back off - if for no other reason than because it must be cutting into their bottom line.

Ridiculously, idiotically, insanely they remain apparently above it all.  They refuse to participate, even on behalf of their patients, in opposing this egregious and grotesque legislative overreach much the same way as the electorate refused to participate in getting rid of these stunningly stupid politicians.  The day is coming when the medical profession and the electorate will come to understand tragically and without equivocation what Plato meant when he said that the chief penalty for refusing to participate in politics is to be ruled by one’s inferiors.

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Stop S 405

I have spent the better part of this morning doing battle with Cory Gardner. Somebody in his office can read - who knew. This is the material point. The use of steel jawed traps will be expanded by S 405 to be used on more Federal land. These goddamned things shouldn't be used at all.
Both our Republican Senators - if you think Bennett is a Democrat, you need to look the word up - support this bill. Bennett co-sponsored it. Gardner's excuse for supporting it is that a) Lisa Murkowski from Alaska is the primary sponsor; b) it is Bipartisan; c) it protects the rights of hunters. As I told Cory the Village Idiot, I don't give a damn what Murkowski does; Bipartisan Cruelty is still cruelty; and my husband who has been hunting since before this sorry excuse for a Senator was out of puberty said that no self respecting hunter would use one of these traps.
In the final analysis one wonders about the efficacy of allowing someone who needs to trap their pray and hold it stationary to hunt or use a gun at all. That aside these instruments are horrible, and as Brad noted indiscriminate. Any creature, protected or not, even a child might wonder into one.
Please if you have a moment, send a message using the link below and via the Human Society to your Senator telling them that this bill is unacceptable, immoral and stupid.

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Raise Some Hell

Called my members of Congress today: Bennett currently posing as a Democrat; Gardner currently posing as smart enough to be in the Senate; Perlmtter currently hiding from the issue.  I told them that if they refuse to entertain any possibilities for peace around this deal with Iran, thus sending us to the brink of another war in the Middle East, they had damn well better have something on the line besides their big mouths and political aspirations.  They have hurt our children enough; they can send their own next time.  Better yet they can get off their useless butts and go themselves - taking the media hacks who support their efforts with them.  I was particularly clear with Gardner, suggesting that he might want to brush up on the New Testament and see if he can remember why Christ was called the Prince of Peace.  I wasn't nice about it.  I suggest that you call the whores who represent you and not be nice about it either.

Below are links to the US House and Senate.

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Does Anyone Else Have a Problem With This?

The carrion birds of war are circling in the media and in government.  The president is spending too much time looking for a peaceful resolution to our issues with Iran, spending too much time practicing peace.  Does anybody else have a problem with this?  Does anybody else have a problem with Netanyahu acting as our unofficial commander and chief?  McCain, Boehner, McConnell go to Israel, hat in hand, paying homage to the leader of the 51st State in the Union.  They berate and belittle our sitting president while kissing the ring of a man who claims to know what is going on in Switzerland – even though nobody in their right mind would let him in the room.  

How much time is too much time to spend looking for an alternative to war?  How much time is too much time to spend looking for an alternative to crippling sanctions that hurt the people far more than ever they hurt the leaders of any nation?  How much time is too much time to merely setup a frame work for negotiations – that is all they are doing at this point?  An agreement, a final accord, needn't be reached until summer.  Didn't know that?  How could you?  Our infantile media ever hysterical and hitting the public panic button to drive their shares up and always in league with attention seeking, forever pandering politicos on both sides of the aisle, hasn't seen fit to mention this much.  Does anyone else have a problem with this?

Dried up old buzzards like the aforementioned three Republicans, past their prime and the aid of Viagra, require the stench of war to stimulate what is left of their manhood.  Self promoting, malignant media tikes like Andrea Mitchell – barren of womb as near as I can tell and of conscience as well – with nothing to lose and much to gain can’t wait to report on the carnage of another Iraq.  Time to get at it, to penalize and/or kill the Iranian people; Benjamin Netanyahu, the 45th President and the only one to serve while his predecessor is still in office, says so.  Does anyone else have a problem with this?

It is worth noting that we are not the only nation at the table.  Britain, Germany, France, China and Russia are also in Switzerland.  Should we step away and deepen our sanctions, as these warmongering monsters want us to do, there is some question that our partners who are not as enamored of war as we are would join us.  Accordingly our sanctions would be unilateral, not multilateral, and much less effective.  Being a devout follower of the X-files and a lifelong conspiracy nut, I can almost imagine that this has been the plan of the pretender Netanyahu and his “American” shadow government all along.  Does anyone else have a problem with this?