Saturday, October 27, 2012

Beyond Maddening

Our free press is a low rent brothel.  Our so-called-journalists report what they are told to report.  To wit: I think the polls are being ginned up, distorted and/or wrongly reported to keep the talking heads and pundits relevant as the days pass into the election.  Why do they keep referring to Mr. Obama as a failed president when he was stonewalled and obstructed from the day of his inauguration by treasonous K Street operatives masquerading as elected officials working undercover in some kind of media blackout?  In all this talk of the character and motives of rape victims why aren’t we talking about the character and motives of rapists?  Are they psychopaths, sociopaths, sexual sadists, repeat offenders who are not considered treatable by most authorities?  One thing is certain they weren’t trying to show their victim a good time.  Why do more than thirty states give these monsters parental rights?  The silence is deafening and the unanswered questions crippling to the electorate. 

Yes, a low rent brothel run by the corporate pimps and madams who have seemingly taken over the world.  Be clear, I am not speaking of Brashir, Matthews, Sharpton, Shultz, or the great Rachel Maddow.  Nor am I speaking of the impeccable Brian Williams.  I am speaking of all the noise makers who control our airways with misinformation, half truths, innuendo and unchallenged lies from the right, the left and down the middle – if such a place exists. 

I have turned to watching horror movies on TCM.  I hate horror movies because they frighten and unnerve me, but not as much as the imitation reporting on this election. 

Thursday, October 25, 2012


I don't know about anyone else, but I am bloody sick and tired of polls.  They are all over the damned place.  Today the AP is reporting that Romney has "erased" Obama's lead with women.  How can this be true? 
Let me be real clear here, any woman that stands with this lying, pandering, vote whoring hump deserves what she gets.  Any woman who thinks there is nothing to the reports of misogyny and disregard for the rights and health of women in the Romney/Ryan position had best read Mr. Ryan’s record and the Republican platform – realizing that Romney hasn’t the backbone or moral fiber to go against the fanatics in his party if he is elected.  Any woman who doesn’t comprehend that a Romney Administration will appoint one or two anti-choice Supreme Court Justices needs to pull her head out of  her shoe closet and grow the hell up.  Any woman who doesn’t understand that the tenets of the Religious Right’s psychotic world view will subsequently become part and parcel of a state sponsor religion by fiat needs to spend less time applying cosmetics to the outside of her head and more time introducing knowledge to the inside. 

Bible thumping, politically deaf, dumb and blind sheeple aside, these vile men, these rotten politicians care less for the God to whom they pay nothing more than lip service then they care for women.  They will be relegating all women, their daughters and granddaughters to the status of an incubator.  A fertilized ovum will have more rights than the mother.  The hollow religion these monsters proclaim is but the corner stone of an economic trap.  Once caught in this filth what is left of the Middle Class will be starved and beaten into poverty.  There it will stay with more children then can reasonably be feed, more debt than can possibly be paid and less economic advantage then can ever be imagined today.  Any woman who doesn’t realize or care that as a practical matter all this means that we go back to the alleys, coat hangers and criminals with dirty hands and dull knives should find herself in such a position and welcome.

Today I am angry.  Women of my generation did not take to the streets forty-odd years ago, get hit in the head with riot batons and thrown in jail to set women free so that the most important election of our collective reality, the most important vote since the ratification of the 19th Amendment can be ceded to the barbarians by a gaggle of blundering, ill informed Stepford Wives in a handful of states.

My husband tells me that the polls are a joke as are the pundits, most of the commentators and all talking heads grinding a partisan axe.  However, he follows Nat Silver’s political and statistical blog compulsively.  Below is a link.  Some of this stuff is pretty dense; however take a look at the right hand column.  Mr. Silver has been projecting President Obama’s victory by electoral vote since the race began.  It has gone up and down, but never put the Republicans in the lead.  If Mr. Silver is right, and he was only off by a small percentage of a point in ’08 and ‘10, then perhaps for the first time in four years the lowest common denominator, the bullies and the fools among us will not be calling the shots.


Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Richard III and American Politics

“And thus I clothe my naked villainy.
With odd old ends stol'n out of holy writ,
And seem a saint, when most I play the devil."
. . . William Shakespeare’s Richard III, Act 1, Scene III

Richard III is one of the greatest villains in history.  He sabotaged or murdered every member of his family who stood between him and the English Throne, including his two nephews who were both children. The above quote is a statement of his method of advancement.  When did this level of dissembling, deceit and play acting become the preferred method of running for the Office of the President – admired by the pundits, extolled as brilliant strategy by surrogates and winked at by the whores in the Beltway and network media? 

King Richard was a tool of his own malignant ambition.   The man who would be king, Mitt Romney, will be a tool of every Rightwing extremist group in this country.  Like George W. Bush, also a much touted businessman, he will deal devastating blows to our military, our economy and our institutions.  Two questions remain.  First, how many more wallops can the Great Experiment – our America – sustain before it collapses into chaos? Second, what kind of naiveté, greed, blind self-interest or just plain stupidity would promote another Richard III to the Oval Office by popular vote?

Monday, October 22, 2012

The Rockies

Colorado is both High Planes and High Desert.  Between the two stretches the Rocky Mountains and at the highest point the Continental Divide.  I traveled last week by train from Denver on the Planes to Grand Junction in the Desert.  I rode through numerous canyons and valleys of inestimable beauty.  The Colorado River sailed along beside me flowing east on the Planes side of the slope and west on the Desert side as gravity shifted – and in some ways reality.  I crested the Divide in the center of Moffat Tunnel which is over six miles long.  In the darkness of that structure if you listen very carefully past the rhythm and hum of the wheels you will hear the Goddess’ heart beating deep in the Earth.  There She whispers words of comfort, wisdom and sanity to be taken out into the light of what is often an idiotic world. 

The pictures in this album are some of the best photos taken on my journey.  I post them here as a testament to the nobility and supremacy of nature and to the grand splendor which the Goddess has given us.  We take it for granted, overlook it and sometimes disregard it, but it exists in spite of us and always will because while we strive to create, She is creation itself.  While we strive for beauty, She is the very essence and inspiration of the beautiful, the profound and the poetic.  The puny and pathetic manipulations, the infantile and insidious acts of hubris that we imagine to be power are as nothing to the One who with and through Her immortal being fashioned the canyons and valleys where the Colorado River runs.