Saturday, October 27, 2012

Beyond Maddening

Our free press is a low rent brothel.  Our so-called-journalists report what they are told to report.  To wit: I think the polls are being ginned up, distorted and/or wrongly reported to keep the talking heads and pundits relevant as the days pass into the election.  Why do they keep referring to Mr. Obama as a failed president when he was stonewalled and obstructed from the day of his inauguration by treasonous K Street operatives masquerading as elected officials working undercover in some kind of media blackout?  In all this talk of the character and motives of rape victims why aren’t we talking about the character and motives of rapists?  Are they psychopaths, sociopaths, sexual sadists, repeat offenders who are not considered treatable by most authorities?  One thing is certain they weren’t trying to show their victim a good time.  Why do more than thirty states give these monsters parental rights?  The silence is deafening and the unanswered questions crippling to the electorate. 

Yes, a low rent brothel run by the corporate pimps and madams who have seemingly taken over the world.  Be clear, I am not speaking of Brashir, Matthews, Sharpton, Shultz, or the great Rachel Maddow.  Nor am I speaking of the impeccable Brian Williams.  I am speaking of all the noise makers who control our airways with misinformation, half truths, innuendo and unchallenged lies from the right, the left and down the middle – if such a place exists. 

I have turned to watching horror movies on TCM.  I hate horror movies because they frighten and unnerve me, but not as much as the imitation reporting on this election. 

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