Monday, November 5, 2012

What Tomorrow May Bring

So, it is almost over.  The speeches, the rallies, the robo calls, the idiots showing up at my door wanting me to vote for Romney, only to be told that I would rather vote for Charlie Manson  - all of it is almost over.  If the Right wins tomorrow the American people will acquiesce to a new path to the White House strewn with lies, half-truths, scare tactics and racially charged innuendo, not to mention rewarding obstructionism at the expense of the country with a return to power.  The American people will have opened the front door and let the vampire in to suck them dry as the Bush Administration did, and the Reagan Administration did, indeed as hardcore Conservative Republicans have done going back to Hoover and before.  We will have dumped leadership and solid public policy into the ashcan along with education, health care, women, labor and voter’s rights, our national social conscience and our international dignity.  We will be back to what George Carlin called, “the bigger dick theory of diplomacy.”  We will have moved retrograde into a time when robber barons can drive Wall Street all over the lives and dreams of working families on Main Street.  Then the people who have cast their lot with the Romney/Ryan vaudeville act and those who didn’t bother to vote will have the nightmare they deserve.  The rest of us will have another long walk in the wilderness until we can mobilize to take the midterm elections in ’14 and start to turn the clock back to the future.  If on the other hand, we awake on Wednesday morning to learn that our good President Obama has been retained and we have gains in the House with continued control and/or a larger majority in the Senate then it will be time to round up the lunatics and put them back in the asylum so that the rest of us can continue rebuilding OUR country.  OBAMA/BIDEN 2012.

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