Saturday, September 19, 2009


There are days when my mind reels with the contradictions around me. I want to scream that it can’t all be true at once. For instance, the following arguments cannot be supported side by side without admitting to the most grotesquely immoral of stipulations:

One cannot espouse a pro-life position, defending the rights of the unborn, while simultaneously supporting politicians and state governments that allow health care insurance companies to deny prenatal coverage to many women on the grounds that pregnancy is a preexisting condition.

Stipulation: Some unborn babies have no rights in the service of profit.

One cannot be identified as a freedom loving American demanding liberty while simultaneously denying fellow citizens the freedom of action and choice to protect their life.

Stipulation: My liberty is more important than your life - even if I don’t know what the hell I am talking about and believe that all kinds of things are in the Constitution that are not.

One is not a patriot who disrespects and threatens the Commander and Chief of the United States of America.

Stipulation: African Americans cannot be Commander and Chief of the United States of America.

Walking a righteous path requires more than mouthing political talking points and serially vomiting selective and/or misquoted passages from the Bible. Using the head for something other than a showcase for a vicious and destructive mouth is a place to start. Without very much effort a little thought might indicate that two diametrically opposed principles cannot cohabitate in the same truth. One must be a lie.

I have seen a lot of things in my sixty years. I saw a president cut down in the streets of Dallas. I saw a man walk on the moon. I saw human organs transplanted and the fall of Communism. I have seen the Internet, email and Twitter. I have also seen the truth twisted into lies and fall to ashes in the mouth of a self-serving and opportunistic political ideologue. I left the wilderness of youth behind me long ago, and am entering old age and the wisdom of the Goddess. With all I’ve seen and all I’ve learned, this I know. There is no power in the world, human or other, that can work the liar's alchemy backward.