Tuesday, May 23, 2017

To the Middle East with No Cloths On

To paraphrase an old canard: we the unwilling, led by the unknowing, are accepting the impossible from the despicable.  We have been tolerating so much for so long and so blindly, that we are now absolutely acquiescing to almost anything. Donald Trump is a hulking, angry, scowling old man who firmly believes that everyone is for sale because he always has been; and who stomps around the Middle East like some belligerent potentate sucking up royal treatment as if it is his due.

In the process of isolating a new enemy, for he must always have one, he is playing the Sunnis off of the Shiites, Iran off of Saudi Arabia and Israel.  He dances with men and swords while his wife rides backward, behind him, on a golf cart.  All the while, he stumbles through a speech to the Muslim world weakly claiming to object to the oppression of women in a country that practices gender apartheid with at least two leaders of nations that carry out genocide in his audience. 

Donald Trump is a braggart, an unsophisticated pretender to the knowledge and savvy of a world leader.  He is a perpetual infant swaddled in money and raise on conceit and self interest. He won the election because the Democrats ran a candidate with more baggage then Amtrak and more enemies then Congress. He won because a goodly number of the American electorate sat on their asses and whined while a fair percentage more voted for people who couldn’t possibly win – in some cases weren’t running or living.

However, the joke is on us. The naked emperor is enthroned in the Oval Office with his court/cabinet of water moccasin to replace the alligators in the swamp he “drained”. In his idiocy he demonizes the press, leaks sensitive information to the Russians and runs around the world glaring at people to cover his clear and present ignorance on every subject save Donald Trump. Yes, the joke is on us; but I don’t hear anyone laughing.

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Call to Action

Call your House and Senate member. Special Prosecutor or Commission now!!!! Before Trump can bury his dirt.

Monday, May 8, 2017