Thursday, February 17, 2011

What the Bloody Hell is Going on in This Country

The toads in Washington talk about entitlement reform as if it will solve our fiscal problems. It will not, not even close. Thugs like Walker in Wisconsin or Christie in New Jersey insist that crippling the public employees’ unions will solve their state budget shortfalls. It will not, not even close. Years and years of government mismanagement, corruption and stupidity in addition to years and years of criminal behavior, malfeasance and unprecedented greed on Wall Street has brought this country to its knees. After this orgy of amoral behavior the Middle Class, one of the only groups that didn’t benefit from it, is being punished and expected to pick up the tab.

CNN has not covered the workers struggle in Wisconsin at all, that I can tell. MSNBC has ignored the protests except for Maddow and Schultz who have covered them fairly extensively. I must admit that the mealy-mouthed-sorta-kinda-wanta-be journalist Chris Jansening gave the demonstrators a nod this morning saying that about one thousand people were on the street. There are thousands on the streets in Wisconsin. Fox is insisting that the demonstrators have been infiltrated by Muslim radicals - by the Goddess I wish someone would write them some new material.

Every time a member of the Tea Party breaks wind four thousand, six hundred and twenty cameras are on him. To paraphrase the Bard, the media hangs about Michele Bachmann and Sara Palin like a new married wife about her husband’s neck hardly to be shaken off. Yet, when working people take to the streets for their benefits and the long settled right to collectively bargain the whole press establishment, like the three monkeys, is deaf, dumb and blind. What is the overall message here?

Chris Christie is a political anomaly. Red faced and bloated, he has the same crude manner as a surly detective in a 50's movie. I suspect he is a coward and would crumble if anyone growled back at him. This jerk told some Tea Party organization that he wanted to reduce the size of government to the point where he could go upstairs in the governor’s mansion, put his feet on the desk and have a beer. His approval rating is 51%. What in the hell is going on in this country?

According to MSNBC Obama has selected a bipartisan group of law makers to consider entitlement reform. Of course their pensions will never be at stake. I didn't work 48 years in this country so that a covey of self promoting politicians could break the contract I came in under; or take any part of what I earned in the name of reform; or force my 30 year-old nephew into the toilet of Wall Street. I didn't vote for Obama so that I could watch him hand my interests over to the anti-humanist Republican greed machine.

No one will give us a straight answer as to what entitlement reform means. Paul Ryan and Jeff Sessions get angry when someone tries to pin them down. They want a blank check. Ryan wants a better haircut more. They don't see the need to reform the tax code and stop giving the rich and corporations billions. No, take it away from the elderly, the Working Middle Class and Working Poor. People are accepting this excrement. What the bloody hell is going on in this country?

The worst thing of all is what these right wing pustules are trying to do to education. Consider this: the same people who are trying to deny women the right to choose are cutting education funding. What do we take away from that? The fetus, abandoned by the righteous in the birth canal, is brought into the world so the child can be educated on the cheap and the adult can work for minimum wage. God's law my ass - a larger, ignorant serving class is more like it.