Friday, December 8, 2017

The Feminine is Fed Up

We can't stop bad men by sacrificing good men. We can't attain the moral high ground on our knees. We can't let political opportunists lead a moral movement.
Questions: Would Al Franken have been sacrificed to the cause if he weren't in a safe Democratic seat? Is Jackie Speier's reticence to identify men that she claims to have knowledge of engaging in sexual harassment/abuse an act of cowardice? Is Kirsten Gillibrand attaching herself to the MeToo Movement to gain political currency to spend in a bid for the 2020 presidential campaign?
Consider: Senator Robert Menendez, accused of corruption, was given due process both by the Senate Ethics Committee and the judiciary. Jackie Speier, according to her office, refuses to offer up the names of the other people in Congress who have been part of this malignant misogyny because "the victims don't want to come forward." They don't have to do anything of the kind. Many accuser have reported their harassment/abuse anonymously. Gillibrand whipped up a mob - I am sorry to say Sanders was part of it. I don't like mobs. I don't like mob action. Full disclosure, I don't like Gillibrand.
The MeToo Movement is righteous. Many women have suffered mightily because of male sexual aggression in the workplace. I am not one of them, but many women have suffered. The Movement is the logical outgrowth of electing a career sexual predictor to the highest office in the land. The feminine is fed up.
MeToo is far to important to be tarnished, indeed undermined, by scapegoating for political gain, attempting to sustain a moral position without transparency, or the kind of sick opportunism that is part and parcel of the tribalism that threatens our very democracy.

Saturday, December 2, 2017

Crawling for Coins

The Senate did as they were told & are picking their donor's coins up off the floor. Now off to watch the House crawl. Proud of your government? It is time to make sure all this donor money is wasted at the polls. VOTE THEM OUT IN '18!

OUT IN '18.

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Nothing to Fear but Fear Itself ... FDR

I just called Jackie Speier's office and asked why she is withholding the names of men in Congress who have perpetrated sexual harassment.  The staff member I spoke to told me that the victims are frightened. Okay. So, the upshot is that this is becoming a Democratic issue.
There is a price to pay for running scared.  There is a price to pay for allowing fear to rule a party, a life or a social/political position.
The Democrats have been frightened for years, frightened of being called Liberal; frightened of being too far to the Left; frightened of separating themselves from money, big donors and Wall Street; frightened of standing too firmly for Labor.
The price they have paid is a dwindling donor base, a shrinking party, the loss of elections at the city, county and state levels in record numbers and finally Donald Fucking Trump.
Yes, the Democrats earned him as well as the Republicans. Establishment politics and business as usual gave this country the abomination of Trump on both sides of the aisle. Where they didn't sow apathy they sowed disgust - and the worst possible element took control.
Sanders rose to power on his courage. The people who supported him still support him because of that courage. Albeit he didn't win the nomination, he is the voice of the Left in my mind and the mind of millions. I hear few others. I refuse to support a party, an agenda or any member of society or government who can't face life with courage.
If women truly want this mistreatment to stop they must step up and fight back. The day for hiding behind someone else's voice is over. As it was over in the day of the fledgling Feminist Movement and the beginning of the Civil Rights Movement.
The staff member in Speier's office snarled at me that perhaps I wasn't sensitive enough to be afraid. Of course I have been afraid. Courage has nothing to do with not knowing fear. Courage is about moving to spite fear. So, let's move past our fear rather than cutting our own throats for a change.

Monday, November 6, 2017

I am Mentally Ill

I am mentally ill.  I have been all my life.  It isn't something you catch off a toilet seat or from eating with your neighbor's spoon. It can be induced by trauma or stress.  Like any other disease it can present as chronic (long term) or acute (of short duration). 
For my part it is chronic and lifelong. I am a manic depressive, what today is called a bipolar. I don't use the term because, as I have said before, I am not a battery. While prior to my formal diagnosis and treatment many areas of my life were out of control including my temper, I never attempted to hurt anyone.  I am prone to rage even after twenty years of treatment and twice that many years of therapy and would never consider owning a gun.
It must be noted that there are benefits to my disease. One of which is that I am bloody smart. Most of us are in fact. We are too smart to be used as scapegoats by an indifferent public, a whoring government, a dim witted president or a greedy, bloated gun lobby.
It is time to demand sensible gun control in this country. You can't with any margin of credibility cut funding for mental health treatment as Trump proposes, than insist that only mental illness is responsible for these egregious acts of violence; deny felons the vote than turn around and sell them guns; insist that even the sickest among us have a right to own guns as Congress has while gathering together in the vestments of the hypocrite praying to a benevolent God and insisting that only more guns will solve gun violence.
Speaking with the expertise of someone who is technically and clinically crazy, all of this is nuts. Speaking on behalf of mentally ill people everywhere who deal every minute of every day with their disease, we do our job now the public, the government and that creature in the Oval Office need to do theirs.

Friday, November 3, 2017

The Truth, At Last

We knew this, those of us inside Bernie's campaign saw it and were told to sit down and shut up.  Those of us working for Bernie on Twitter and Facebook saw the bots that claimed to be Bernie's people, knew they weren't ours because our geeks couldn't trace their IP addresses to a person or organization inside this country. We weren't sophisticated enough to identify Russian interference, but we knew that the so-called Bernie Bros and other cyberspace jag-offs weren't part of his campaign. We were told to sit down and shut up.
Sanders' people don't sit down and shut-up, not then, not now, not ever. We are part of the resistance and we still stand with Sanders and his principles. Having said all of this if the Democratic Party wants to become whole again, form common cause again and win elections again they must organize around something other than the Clintons and their Neoliberal agenda. This isn't about what some call "purity." This is about the party of the people and the Great Liberal Cause. We are the Left, and we like   it that way.
Finally, it is time to put 2016 in the past, stop whining, finger pointing and reopening our wounds. It is time for us all, on both sides, to direct our energy and passion toward defeating the greatest enemy this Republic has ever faced - the enemy within - Trump.

Monday, October 9, 2017

What Happens in Las Vegas ...

What follows was written at the time of the Aurora shooting in 2012. I have revised it for the most recent atrocity. How long will we allow a lot of cynical and greedy people to run our government by proxy? I am referring to the NRA and other gun lobbyists. How long will we allow their sycophants and paid stooges to serve in that government? I am referring to parasites like John Thune, Senator from South Dakota, who recently told NBC that the American people need to "get small" in order to avoid being the victims of gun violence. If we want a different world we must change it now. Get active, speak out and for the love of all you hold dear prepare to vote in 2018.

"I need to say up front that I support the 2nd Amendment, although certainly not as is sometimes implied by lunatics on the Right as the Constitution in total. I also support common sense gun laws.  Further, I do not believe that the right to bear arms supersedes the Constitution. My Goddess does not require a tangible and phallic extension of Herself to reinforce the faith of Her followers or to grantee their allegiance. Many of my friends, including my best and most beloved friend, are gun owners. I understand their arguments with regard to the right to bear arms. Well all but one – that is the idea that somehow guns are tools and have nothing to do with the killing of human beings, or as was once said, "guns don't kill people, people kill people." This is the equivalent of saying instruments don’t play music; people play music.

Consider. One of the most beautiful pieces of music ever written is Mozart’s Violin Concerto No. 5, 2nd Movement. Had the skilled fingers of a violinist never met the strings of the violin, Concerto No. 5 would never have been heard - since by its passive nature even Mozart’s music cannot play itself. If the man in Las Vegas had never taken a huge number of guns into a hotel room and fired down at a crowd of people enjoying a concert over 50 human beings would still be alive and countless others whole and unharmed.

Does it meet the test of reason that Rachel Barton Pine would stand before a concert audience and hum Concerto No. 5 while her violin sits silently behind her in a chair? Accordingly, does it meet the test of reason that the Las Vegas shooter could have killed or wounded all of those people with a knife or a ball bat at a remove – is that not the advantage of a gun to inflict damage at a distance? Had he moved in close enough to his targets to use a more personal means of destruction wouldn’t someone or a number of some ones been able to stop him? Wouldn’t he have known that?

Therefore asserting the passivity of the weapon is not exculpatory because it does not reckon with efficiency or the assailant’s protection. The drama of gun violence is a symbiosis, reciprocity of aggressive action and passive reaction in which the gun co-stars.

Support the 2nd Amendment if you are so inclined. I may even support it with you - within limits. However, don’t expect me to support a simple-minded and tortured argument that insults my intelligence."

The roses featured below are the last of the season. Yesterday just before Goddess brought on the winter they were glowing bright in the autumn sun like candles on an altar. They are here in honor of the many who die from gun violence – not to defend a nation, an ideal or the Constitution, but for the greed of a few, the fear and hate of many and the sins of us all.

Monday, October 2, 2017

Another Outrage

If anyone tells you this is not the time to speak of guns, gun violence or gun control because you are politicizing the latest tragedy, tell them to insert that sentiment, their prayers and thoughts in the same orifice. On behalf of the dead and for the sake of the living, the time is NOW. The place today is LAS VEGAS.

Thursday, September 21, 2017

Up for Sale

Raymond Chandler’s famous detective, Phillip Marlowe, once said of a small town he visited on a case, “… It’s probably no crookeder than Los Angeles.  But you can only buy a piece of a big city. You buy a small town like this all complete, with the original box and tissue paper.”  The same can be said of big countries and small states.  That is exactly what is going on in the Senate right now. 

Under the Graham-Cassidy bill large sums of money would be transferred from Blue states that opted for the Medicaid expansion to Red states that didn’t. Senator Cassidy has been sniveling for sometime about the “unfairness” of states like California and New York receiving more funding under the ACA’s Medicare expansion then Louisiana and Nevada. It seems to escape the notice of Cassidy that the Red states in question had as much opportunity to accept the expansion as Blue states. They refused. The funds transferred to the Red states would, in theory, provide a much reduced version of healthcare benefits to the citizens.  The distribution of the money would be left up to the states.

There are many names for this kind of thing.  Bribery would be one, cajoling Red states Senators to vote yes on this abomination of a bill. That is what is in the works with Lisa Murkowski of Alaska.  It has worked with Dean Heller of Nevada.  Another word could be a chisel, meaning a cheat or a con.  Many people, your author included, believe that the cuts in ACA funding will eventual end up in the pockets of the wealthy by way of tax cuts be they in Red states or Blue. 

Raymond Chandler’s idea of crooked is as good as any.  Crooks ferment corruption. He was an expert on corruption, studying it in the Los Angeles of the 1930’s. It was a dark theme running through his stories.  Phillip Marlowe was driven and isolated by a need to battle corruption endlessly.  So, “crooked” works.  The whole damn thing known as Graham-Cassidy is crooked; not because they have lied about it, they have; not because they lie for a living, they do; but because it is not about health care or public policy or serving their constituents. No, it is about scoring a win for their donors and the man in the White House.

Consider the cynicism, the selfishness, the crudity and cruelty that it takes to throw millions of Americans off of the ACA and risk their lives, limbs and solvency to put a win on the political scoreboard. Think about what it means to have such people running the country. And think about the fact that if after all of this nightmare is said and done, whether this bill passes or not, if we haven’t been shaken out of our apathy than we deserve exactly what we get.

Chris Carter said, through his character Fox Mulder, “Liars don’t fear the truth if there are enough liars.” However, that was 15 years ago.  It was before social media replaced the 4th Estate as the glaring light that intrudes into dark chambers and deep holes to expose the secrets of those who prefer to work without light. It was before people like Rachel Maddow and NPR started obtaining any bill under consideration with a few key strokes or through carefully cultivated sources and exposing them to the light.  So, while liars don’t fear the truth if there are enough liars, they certainly must fear the truth when there is more light than liars.

Saturday, August 19, 2017


Once upon a time there was a little boy named Neville.  He wanted to grow up to be a Capitalist. So, he worked and he studied and one day he was allowed to join the mighty Free Market of a great Metropolis.
Soon Neville began to see the relationship between the wealth he was accruing and power. Liking power he joined the government of the Metropolis. As time went on Neville became increasingly good at the science of money and power; and one day an ill wind blew a crisis to his Metropolis. Given his acumen and skill in the ways of Capitalism the people called Neville to help Head the Ship of State. He steered it beautifully out of the storm of catastrophe and back into the sunlight of budding prosperity.
Sadly when he became the Captain of that Ship, history turned against Neville. His life changed as the sun went out and the moon shed a cold light on his Metropolis. He met a Devil named Adolf and soon was all at sea. Bringing the skills of a great Capitalist to the table, Neville tried to make a deal with the Devil; but the Devil don't deal. Devil wants it all.
Remember little Neville the next time someone tells you that only a business guy can run a country. More importantly remember a bulldog-looking man, chewing on a cigar, drinking brandy and selecting his words like beautiful blooms for a magnificent bouquet. That would be Neville’s successor, Sir Winston Leonard Spencer-Churchill a historian, biographer, professional solider and statesman who led England out of WWII and may not have been able to balance his damn checkbook.

Sunday, August 13, 2017

Violence Gets Us Nothing

Counter protesters turning violent against the police in Seattle. Violence gets us nothing. A man taught us peace once ---- REMEMBER.
The ultimate weakness of violence is that it is a descending spiral,
begetting the very thing it seeks to destroy.
Instead of diminishing evil, it multiplies it.
Through violence you may murder the liar,
but you cannot murder the lie, nor establish the truth.
Through violence you may murder the hater,
but you do not murder hate.
In fact, violence merely increases hate.
So it goes.
Returning violence for violence multiplies violence,
adding deeper darkness to a night already devoid of stars.
Darkness cannot drive out darkness:
only light can do that.
Hate cannot drive out hate: only love can do that.
Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Saturday, July 8, 2017

Colorado Secretary of State, Republican Wayne Williams, to Cooperate with Trump. Surprised?

Call or write the Colorado Secretary of State who has just decided to hand over our voter information to Trump's Commission on "Voter Fraud." Wayne Williams is and always has been a Republican sycophant. Call or write this monster and tell him he needs to be removed from office. He will submit the information on July 14, 2017. We in Colorado have the option of withdrawing our registration or making it confidential. Brad and I will be going on Monday to sign the affidavit in Adams County and make our registration material confidential. What follows are two pertinent articles and relevant contact information.

Monday, June 12, 2017

The Liberal

What does it mean to be a committed Liberal, to stand unflinchingly on the Left? It has been a very long time since the mantel of the great Liberal Cause has been anything other than an election year soundbite/slogan or a party/policy embarrassment. As Bernie Sanders and Jeremy Corbyn lead the Left out of the wilderness, it is worth considering the nature and mission of Liberalism in a world that would just as soon accept a strong man in exchange for a meager tax cut and the promise of obsolete jobs returning to comfort those who can't or won't join the 21st Century.

In this world lies are truth, and truth has been banished to the edge of consciousness and covered over with self-interest and hubris. The world of ideas is rotting, buried below a compost of hate, cruelty and scapegoating that will nourish an American crop of malignant nationalism, international isolationism and the pernicious further deterioration of our institutions.

Today the perspicacity, principles and plans of FDR, JFK, RFK and Teddy Kennedy have never seemed more remote and lost to us in time. Still in all, there lives among us the last great liberal president. The guy who was too good a man to be president - that says a hell of a lot more about the office than it does about the man - one James Earl Carter, age 92, still runs around building houses for the homeless. He lives Liberalism and will until the day he dies. That will be a very sad day indeed for those of us who are committed Liberals and stand unflinchingly on the Left.

Friday, June 9, 2017

For the love of ......................

The media is running around pulling its hair out because Trump has said he will testify under oath. For the love of the Holy Goddess, the bastard is a serial liar. He said his wife would give a press conference; he said he would produce proof that Obama spied on him; he said he would give money to the vets; he said he would build a wall and he said he would drain the swamp instead of stocking it with alligators. I tell ya, America is no longer a nation it is a fucking circus.

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Honorable Men

That the Russians interfered in our elections goes without saying; that an American or Americans aided and abetted this interference is a damn good bet. Fundamentally, the primary injury in this situation is to the American people. In a secondary and tertiary way respectively, harm was done to the institution of Democracy – empty save for the people it serves – and to the army of self satisfied, bloated officials who live off the largess of those same American people. 

Four of these creatures sat today before a morally sick and ethically anemic Republican chaired Intelligence Committee refusing to tell the people who cloth, feed and make them necessary the extent of one aspect of that injury. To wit: did the president who benefited from the aforementioned interference, and may well have headed an organization responsible for aiding and abetting accordingly, obstruct justice by trying to defend one of his scabs widely regarded as being much too close to the originally mentioned Russians?

Who are these “honorable” men who would deepen the wounding of America with words like “classified” as they refuse in an arbitrary and capricious way to speak to their employers while admitting they may well lack legal justification for their refusal? Who are these oh-so-honorable men who have forgotten who provides their livelihood and gives them their power and privilege? Like Mark Antony I question whether these men can spell the word honorable, much less understand how their honor should serve their country.

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

To the Middle East with No Cloths On

To paraphrase an old canard: we the unwilling, led by the unknowing, are accepting the impossible from the despicable.  We have been tolerating so much for so long and so blindly, that we are now absolutely acquiescing to almost anything. Donald Trump is a hulking, angry, scowling old man who firmly believes that everyone is for sale because he always has been; and who stomps around the Middle East like some belligerent potentate sucking up royal treatment as if it is his due.

In the process of isolating a new enemy, for he must always have one, he is playing the Sunnis off of the Shiites, Iran off of Saudi Arabia and Israel.  He dances with men and swords while his wife rides backward, behind him, on a golf cart.  All the while, he stumbles through a speech to the Muslim world weakly claiming to object to the oppression of women in a country that practices gender apartheid with at least two leaders of nations that carry out genocide in his audience. 

Donald Trump is a braggart, an unsophisticated pretender to the knowledge and savvy of a world leader.  He is a perpetual infant swaddled in money and raise on conceit and self interest. He won the election because the Democrats ran a candidate with more baggage then Amtrak and more enemies then Congress. He won because a goodly number of the American electorate sat on their asses and whined while a fair percentage more voted for people who couldn’t possibly win – in some cases weren’t running or living.

However, the joke is on us. The naked emperor is enthroned in the Oval Office with his court/cabinet of water moccasin to replace the alligators in the swamp he “drained”. In his idiocy he demonizes the press, leaks sensitive information to the Russians and runs around the world glaring at people to cover his clear and present ignorance on every subject save Donald Trump. Yes, the joke is on us; but I don’t hear anyone laughing.

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Call to Action

Call your House and Senate member. Special Prosecutor or Commission now!!!! Before Trump can bury his dirt.

Monday, May 8, 2017

Friday, April 21, 2017

Public Service Announcement

President Obama will be speaking on Monday. I hope the press will be covering it; however, that will be dependent upon whether or not Trump is propagating falsehoods and/or patting himself on the back anywhere near a camera. In any case, it will be lovely to hear someone speak who has greater then nine words in his vocabulary and is capable of thinking in a way that doesn't betray the mind of a poorly educated teenager with the impulse control and knowledge of the world one expects from a newborn.
Welcome back Mr. President. We've missed ya.