Sunday, February 5, 2017


Rick Wilson is a very smart man. He is a Conservative. I don't dislike smart, sane Conservatives. I dislike Conservatism. To me it is another way of saying, "I am the center of the living universe." As a life long Socialist, committed to Social, Economic and Environmental Justice I reject the stagnation and selfishness of Conservatism.
Having said this and understanding that there are one or two things in this article with which I take strong issue, it is a must read. I don't say that often, but Wilson has expressed exactly the meaning and the potential of Trump's administration. The end won't be easy or pretty, but this egotistical hump's agenda is not sustainable. It WILL all come crashing down - I suspect sooner, rather than later. The people who voted for him will deny it; the people who didn't vote at all will swear they did; those who promoted and/or supported him will hide their heads in shame and run for cover.
Henceforth, I shall only refer to him as Chaos. I can't and won't bring myself to call him president. That office was vacated on January 20th.

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