Saturday, January 21, 2017

Enough is Enough

I have been following the marches across the country and the world on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.  I am hearing a lot of carping, sniping and sniveling from the Clinton and Sanders camps. This wasn't just media foolishness, as I thought initially, designed to distract from the importance of the marches.  It was the real thing.
As I said to a friend of mine in a message on Twitter, Jesus Aloysius Horatio Christ, pull up your big kid pants, grow a set of whatever you need and stop whining.  The nomination is over.  I didn't like the way it ended.  I didn't think it was fair, but it is OVER. The election is over.  I was stunned, shocked and angry; but this I know, Bernie's people didn't defeat Clinton.  A corrupt DNC; a negligent media; the FBI; I think the Russians and that anemic putz who runs Wikileaks had a piece of it; the bloody Republican voter suppression humps in Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania and the lazy lizards belonging to the 45% who didn't get off their asses and vote defeated Clinton.  It's left us in a nightmare; it's horrible, but it's OVER.
In the first hour of Trump's administration he hurt millions of people. He increased mortgage interest rates and began to undermine the ACA. He'll work in the dark, in the closet, under the table and behind the bookcase, but he is working for the rich and their corporate interest wherever he is working. He is in office for one reason, to make money for himself and his cronies.
Clinton, the nomination and the election are yesterday. Tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow, as the Bard said, is the issue. Donald J. Trump - liar, conman, cheat extraordinaire with the vocabulary skills of a dyslexic goldfish and all the charm and class of a gang of kids rolling a drunk - is our problem now. We must not be divided to be conquered; we must not be diverted and Gaslighted. We must not let the media or its pet huckster throw sawdust in our eyes so we can't see what is going on in front of us.
We weren't all on the streets today, but we are all focused, ready to work just the same. Let's shovel the bullshit into the ashcan, dry our tears, bandage our wounds and get to work forming common cause. It is worth as much as our survival.

Thursday, January 12, 2017

For Remembrance Sake

Mario Como said,"We campaign in poetry and govern in prose." True enough - although our poetry is rapidly becoming pornography.  Como's theory is true except for Joe Biden.  He campaigns, governs, walks and lives in poetry.  Biden is American poetry - sharp, sweet and subtle; roundly wise and humorous; gracious and open; simply stated and clear of mind.
A little while ago President Obama gave his Vice President the President's Medal of Honor with distinction.  Like a true poet, Biden wept, spoke in terms of lavish praise and deep humility.  His profound and rich Irish soul reached out to everyone in the room; especially to the man who was honoring him.  That was today.
In not to many tomorrows we will leave the Age of Obama and enter the Season of the Infantile. Biden's poetry will be replaced by zealotry, witless sycophancy, and duplicity masquerading as loyalty out of pure self interest. Dark clouds are gathering all around this America that has for too long pandered to the lowest common denominator; traded the common good for the merely trite and traded its dignity and civility for practiced stupidity and proudly held bigotry.
Other countries have weathered this storm in long ago yesterdays. Italy, Spain and Germany paid a terrible price for this indulgence in the simpleminded comfort of mob rule and scapegoating. I suspect we will too.
Nonetheless at this moment we have Joe Biden's poetry. Let us celebrate this day, mark it for remembrance sake. We will need good things to look back upon as today fades into tomorrow and becomes yesterday.

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

The Wages of Karma

I don't care whether you believe this shit or not, the irony is rich. On the 20th of January the Office of the President of the United States will be vacant, and the circle jerk will begin. Scandal followed by revelations of wrong doing followed by doubt and conspicuous theories of all kind as we watch what is left of our institutions crumble before our eyes. Trump proposes to shove his corrupt cabinet down our throats without so much as a "one moment please," from the whores in the House and Senate. The moral Right waxes moral as it suffers the little children to come unto the Lord, providing they can pay for a ticket.
All we need is Monty Python. This is the Holy Grail of American idiocy. I am so glad we are friends and can enjoy this together. Shakespeare couldn't have written this; Jung couldn't have imagined it; the next four years will be a surreal absurdity beyond the wildest dreams of Poe or Coleridge on opium or Fitzgerald and Hemingway in their cups.

Monday, January 2, 2017

The Editor of the Wall Street Journal is flattering himself if he thinks most people expect any better than duplicity and obfuscation from his rag. For a year the MSM enabled Trump's lying, distorting and coning the people. For a year all Trump all the time shut out every other candidate and issue in the primary and through much of the election.
Now with the aid and assistance of a corrupt media and two corrupt parties, Karma will come home to roost starting January 20th. Let us resolve to tell his voters in unison when the whining starts as they realize what they have done, "Shut the fuck up. You earned this." Let us further resolve to remind the MSM every chance we get that they are not trusted and need not worry anymore about not being trustworthy.