Thursday, October 30, 2014

Take A Breath

Nurse Hickox is not a public health risk.  She is not symptomatic, and even if she were one would have to be in contact with her bodily fluids and/or Goddess forbid her corpse to be cross contaminated.  Before we jail her, slip her the spike or sentence her to life without parole, let us remember Mr. Duncan’s family.  His family was in very close contact with him in a small apartment while he was seriously symptomatic.  None of them contracted the disease.  It is worth remembering that two patients does not an epidemic make.  The two Americans who did contract the disease here are out of the hospital, Ebola free and doing fine.  Now, I don’t want to interrupt our national orgy of paranoia, our fearathon extraordinaire with the scientific facts.  Nonetheless, those are the goddamned facts.

Having said all of this there are some public health risks aboard in the land.  One of those risks would be members of the press, if you must call them that, with their hair on fire refusing to believe in the science because a bunch of politicians running for something have called that discipline into question.  Another would be the politicians themselves. For instance, Chris Christie who is running for president in 2016 on Ebola today – at his weight perhaps vice president as well; Andrew Como who is running for savior every hour on every channel but is too fastidious and well dress to display the stigmata; Paul LaPage 21st Century poster child for the anencephalic in public office and running for king of Toontown.  Leave us not forget the manufacturers of junk science – former physicians who are currently hiding in Congress where they can do little and make a lot instead of working their asses off like real docs.  Some of these chumps don’t appear to have read a medical journal since Jenner and Pasteur discovered the smallpox vaccine. 

So take a breath.  The nurse won’t give you Ebola.  Hordes of ISIL members aren’t crossing the borders to infect us with the dread disease.  Given the shit we believe and the idiots we believe, why would they bother?  We will destroy ourselves soon enough.    

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Hubris Meets Courage

It is about time that people began to fight these bulling, lying, self promoting - at the expense of the American people - politicians with the one thing they value, money.  Como and Christie are not doctors.  They have no business opining on or deciding the course of disease management in this country.

When I was in D.C. on 9/11 I saw three things.  Firefighters and cops running toward the Pentagon; private citizens moving in a calm, courteous and orderly way toward the Metro and out of the district; our so called leaders running like rats for a hole to hide in.  We have become a nation of frightened children governed by a lot of opportunistic thugs who would expose their mother to Ebola if it would give them a percentage point in their next election.

I have said before and will say again, the only people to contract Ebola on our shores were victims of the negligence of a for corporate owned hsopital that failed to do its due diligence or its job in training its personnel, providing the necessary gear and offering the proper waste management.  For the record we have known how to manage the waste of isolation cases since the invention of the autoclave in 1879.

Neither our sniveling media nor our swaggering pols will take on corporate medicine. Obama can appoint all the Czars, Kings, Queens, Emperors or Bleep Bleeps he likes. No bloody bureaucrat will solve the problem of Ebola. That will be done in West Africa by the medical people with the courage to go fight it; for they have more guts, heart, brains and humanity in one hand then all our bloody politicians stirred together in a bowl.

Friday, October 24, 2014


Bang, bang we shoot them down; bang, bang they hit the ground; bang, bang we shoot our children down.  This is our new national anthem.  We have rewritten our Constitution in blood for the love of money.  Vile, corrupt, lying politicians owned by greedy, cynical lobbyists and gun manufactures are running this country’s future into the grave.  They have whipped the ignorant up into a frenzy of brutal rage and murderous fear by invoking the name of the Prince of Peace.  The media sits in the front pew and mirrors their empty righteousness back at them while shedding crocodile tears in front of the bereaved for the sake of the dead.  We the people, those who vote and those who don’t, are worried about the enemy from without; really?  

Thursday, October 23, 2014


Terrorism has always been with us.  It is older than antiquity and is a physical manifestation of hate.  It was not born on 9/11.  It is not the child of Islam.  Indeed terrorism is not synonymous with any faith, but it is the kindred spirit of fear and loathing and the cynicism that would use them for gain.  As long as we continue to offer violence as the best way to the highest good; as long as we continue to practice war and refuse to see it for what it is, organized terrorism with flags, it will flourish.  It feeds on the blood of the fallen and survives with the grief of the vanquished.  Terrorism is a self fulfilling prophecy.  

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Definition of Cynicism

Definition of cynicism: the stirring up of fear and panic over a situation that requires neither for political and partisan gain; followed by hearings held largely to point fingers at political adversaries and to accuse agencies whose funding has been severely cut, even withheld, of negligent or criminal wrong doing.   This is what is known as a cluster-fuck or 21st Century Republican Politics.  

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Unsubscribing from the Denver Post

To all my sisters and brothers here in Colorado, The Denver Post has taken it upon itself to endorse Cory Gardner for Senate.  This is less unexpected than it is distasteful.  The Post has always leaned Right, but what is really obnoxious about this choice is that the people who have made it appear be taking this Bible thumping zealot at his word with regard to changing his mind on the issue of personhood - disallowing most commonly used forms of birth control and no abortion even in cases of rape and incest.  It is no secret that even as the rag went to press Gardner has legislation before the House that amounts to personhood.  It is easy enough for him to say now that he has changed his mind. However, 5 will get you 10 that if elected to the Senate this low rent demagogue will return to the lame duck session and put said legislation through. Particularly, if the Right holds a Senate majority.  

I don't give the media many points for brain power, so one could make the case that they are just stupid or naive.  In the final analysis it won't matter a damn.  The bottom line is that there is no percentage for women in having this creep in the Senate.  I'm suggesting that it is worth a protest, that is to say a group cancelling of subscriptions to remind the The Denver Post that they don't have much to lose here, but the women of the State of Colorado have a great deal at stake. 

Finally, I don't subscribe to mainstream publications, but for those who do I submit that there are many places to get information.  It is my opinion, in point of fact, that the farther away from corporate media one gets the better the information.