Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Hubris Meets Courage

It is about time that people began to fight these bulling, lying, self promoting - at the expense of the American people - politicians with the one thing they value, money.  Como and Christie are not doctors.  They have no business opining on or deciding the course of disease management in this country.

When I was in D.C. on 9/11 I saw three things.  Firefighters and cops running toward the Pentagon; private citizens moving in a calm, courteous and orderly way toward the Metro and out of the district; our so called leaders running like rats for a hole to hide in.  We have become a nation of frightened children governed by a lot of opportunistic thugs who would expose their mother to Ebola if it would give them a percentage point in their next election.

I have said before and will say again, the only people to contract Ebola on our shores were victims of the negligence of a for corporate owned hsopital that failed to do its due diligence or its job in training its personnel, providing the necessary gear and offering the proper waste management.  For the record we have known how to manage the waste of isolation cases since the invention of the autoclave in 1879.

Neither our sniveling media nor our swaggering pols will take on corporate medicine. Obama can appoint all the Czars, Kings, Queens, Emperors or Bleep Bleeps he likes. No bloody bureaucrat will solve the problem of Ebola. That will be done in West Africa by the medical people with the courage to go fight it; for they have more guts, heart, brains and humanity in one hand then all our bloody politicians stirred together in a bowl.

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