Thursday, October 30, 2014

Take A Breath

Nurse Hickox is not a public health risk.  She is not symptomatic, and even if she were one would have to be in contact with her bodily fluids and/or Goddess forbid her corpse to be cross contaminated.  Before we jail her, slip her the spike or sentence her to life without parole, let us remember Mr. Duncan’s family.  His family was in very close contact with him in a small apartment while he was seriously symptomatic.  None of them contracted the disease.  It is worth remembering that two patients does not an epidemic make.  The two Americans who did contract the disease here are out of the hospital, Ebola free and doing fine.  Now, I don’t want to interrupt our national orgy of paranoia, our fearathon extraordinaire with the scientific facts.  Nonetheless, those are the goddamned facts.

Having said all of this there are some public health risks aboard in the land.  One of those risks would be members of the press, if you must call them that, with their hair on fire refusing to believe in the science because a bunch of politicians running for something have called that discipline into question.  Another would be the politicians themselves. For instance, Chris Christie who is running for president in 2016 on Ebola today – at his weight perhaps vice president as well; Andrew Como who is running for savior every hour on every channel but is too fastidious and well dress to display the stigmata; Paul LaPage 21st Century poster child for the anencephalic in public office and running for king of Toontown.  Leave us not forget the manufacturers of junk science – former physicians who are currently hiding in Congress where they can do little and make a lot instead of working their asses off like real docs.  Some of these chumps don’t appear to have read a medical journal since Jenner and Pasteur discovered the smallpox vaccine. 

So take a breath.  The nurse won’t give you Ebola.  Hordes of ISIL members aren’t crossing the borders to infect us with the dread disease.  Given the shit we believe and the idiots we believe, why would they bother?  We will destroy ourselves soon enough.    

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