Monday, January 27, 2014

Castor Oil and Honey

Some days I don’t know whether to laugh or cry.  It isn't bad enough that an artichoke like Mike Huckabee feels impelled to instruct women on the proper use of their bodies and their reproductive functions, stating that anyone who supports a woman’s right to determine how many children she should have and when is exploiting her.  Here comes Reince Priebus, the chief mouth without a brain for the Republican establishment, objecting not to the ideas or the disrespect of Mr. Huckabee’s pronouncements only to the language and tone.  Question: do these people really believe that the feminine mind is so addled, so soft and spongy that we will accept any amount of castor oil if enough honey is available to sweeten the taste?

Contraception has been a woman’s option for decades.  It is also a well regarded treatment for some gynecological problems.  While the Huckabees, Limbaughs and others insist that religious organizations shouldn't have to provide insurance for contraception in the female, I have yet to hear the same argument with regard to insurance coverage for vasectomies.  Nor have I heard that male birth control leads to sexual excess.  Clearly men are considered mentally stable, morally sound and intellectually well grounded enough to make these choices for themselves while their sisters only want “Uncle Sugar” to make promiscuousness possible for every woman of child bearing years.  Welcome back to the first half of the Twentieth Century ladies. 

With regard to a woman’s right to choose a safe abortion, I have said before and will say again that the choice in this argument is crystal clear.  We have always had abortion on demand in this country.  We do it in hospitals now instead of garages.  If the procedure is made illegal by the overreaching of some legislators or by overturning Roe v. Wade, we go back to the garage.  In effect some women will be sentenced to death in piss filled alleys for being unwilling to carry a child that they can’t feed or that was conceived through rape or incest.  Still other women will become nothing more than incubators bringing a pregnancy to term at the cost of their own lives.

Why do political ideologues who demonstrate an overt and maniacal hatred of the poor and the Working Class, who consider school lunches, Medicare for sick children and public education an insupportable drain on the economy of the richest nation in the world insist upon forcing people to have more children then they can possibly care for decently?  Could it be because the overburdened soon become the overworked, the undereducated and the hungry?  Is  all of Mr. Huckabee’s verbal emesis and Mr. Priebus’ frantic attempt to cover it up rather than clean it up a program aimed at creating a two class society?  That of lords and serfs, aristocrats and servants where the vast majority of people work for whatever is tossed at them because they are too exhausted, demoralized and exploited to insist upon decent treatment and wages.  Not unlike some of the countries where we send American jobs.

Don’t let these people fools you.  This is not about religion or moral rectitude; although it wouldn't be the first time that religion, or the pretense of faith, has been used as a lash by divine right of the rich and powerful. This is about self interest.  Their God is green.  Their liturgy is greed and avarice.  Christian my ass, they are vampires sucking the life’s blood out of this Republic.

Thursday, January 16, 2014

End Run

This garbage cannot be too often written about, too often spoken about or overemphasized.  It is an end run around Roe v Wade.  It is collusion between organized religion  fanatically functioning as a lobby – tax free I might add – pandering politicians, those beholding to them for Supreme Court appointments and a greedy culture of moral paralytics who are hoping to create a class of workers who are so overburdened and undervalued that they will accept anything as payment for their services just to stay alive. Beyond the proselytizing about the sanctity of life is the old movable moral feast inherent in the marriage of dirty politics and carnivorous capitalism to a free market valued above the human beings it is suppose to serve.

This game is as old as politics itself – tell someone that the faith they hope will save them from the hobgoblins born of their own ignorance is being violated and watch them go nuts. Then invoke the age old hatred of women, and in the end the money changers will be let back in the temple and everyone else thrown out – all of this in the name of a much feared, motherless-father God.

It is impossible to overvalue the American people’s naiveté. It is impossible to overstate the tendency of those who think shallowly to follow closely those who have been corrupted deeply. Thus, by the time the good sheep wake up they are being led to the inevitable slaughter without the slightest idea how they got there.

We wait in anticipation and trepidation for the nine “wise” men and women in Washington to make their decision, behaving in their infinite arrogance as if what they do is nothing more than an exercise in legal scholarship and will not roll over this Republic with the force of tyranny.  The devil can always find a new playground and the Roberts Court in its sure and certain knowledge that only their God can be the right God is currently one of his favorites. Once they have done their worst the tug-of-war to correct the abuses stemming from justifying assault, battery and maltreatment under the 1st Amendment begins again between the dishonorable and the marginally principled with American women being trampled, literally, in the middle.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Yet Another Phase of the Attack on Women

What follows is a must read for every woman who spends any amount of time on the internet, be it Facebook, Twitter, Blogging or any other social networking or personal expression site.  I think we must reckon with the fact that we live in a cruel, venal, vicious society where a person with a gun can kill a person with a cell phone and be defended for their trouble.  We live in a society where you can get the death penalty for being in elementary school and attending the institution where the shooter’s mother once worked.  The same holds true for institutions of higher learning and movie theaters. 

The sad truth is that big gun money is playing chess with the welfare of the American people.  The people are losing because our politicians and a vocal minority are being used as pawns and are to self absorbed to know it.

In this loutish, hateful culture is it any wonder that the civil rights of women are no safer on the internet then they are in Washington D.C. and in state capitals across the nation.

Hardball Politics

What good has hardball, rough and tumble, and to paraphrase George Carlin, the bigger dick theory of politics ever done the American people.  None, zero, zip, no good.  This crap is an insider cage match, a full contact pissing contest between power mad politicians; and as in the days of the gladiators and the Roman Coliseum a loud, blood thirsty, voyeuristic media mob sits in the bleachers and goads the political class on.

Don't let aging testosterone junkies like Chris Matthews fool you.  No good has ever come of hardball, rough and tumble politics.  None, zero, zip.

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Meet Steve King of Iowa

The man in the following clip is a despicable, duplicitous, misogynist and is unfit to serve all the people of his district in my estimation.  He is fine with cutting food stamps, denying poor children healthcare - hell free lunches are a drain on the budget as far as this mutt is concerned.  However, in his twisted world view billion dollar oil companies need subsidies and family planning is anti Christian.  He wouldn't know a Christian if they roared up his ass on a 2 x 4.  

Women of Iowa get rid of this bastard.  Steve King is not a man of faith; in my opinion he is a goddamned tyrant who peddles religion for the opportunity to stay in office for life.  He should be asked what the hell he thought he was doing making light of the struggles of poor women.  This man has no more right to hold the public trust then Jack the Ripper would have to run a home for aging prostitutes.

As a people we must get past believing that everyone who can quote the Bible and calls themselves a Christians is telling the truth.

Rep. Steve King Thinks The High Cost of Abortion For Low-Income Women Is Hilarious

Tuesday, January 7, 2014


As we enter this off-year election season I think that we need to be doing two things.  First, we need to do all we can to make sure that people we know or might know will vote and/or understand how to get registered to vote.  Next, we need to start asking some hard questions of those who would rule while claiming to serve.  We need to demand that members of our so-called free press start asking the same question.

In my estimation here are some fundamentally crucial questions.  What is it about this most exceptional and Christian of nations that requires the sacrifice of the poor, the sick, the elderly and the unemployed to a stingy, cruel and vicious conservative ideology?  What perversion of decency allows racketeers on Wall Street to walk free after nearly destroying the world economy; allows blood sucking oil companies and wealthy farmers to drain subsidies from the nation's coffers; allows legalized corruption in government to put the needs of the mega rich over the needs of hungry children; allows a twisted ethic to mandate the punishing of those who suffer while those who create that suffering are rewarded for their initiative?   Finally, who gave our vote-whoring politicians, steeped in graft, the right to dictate moral rectitude to a nation they sold out long ago?

Use Facebook, My Space, Twitter, Blogs, editorial pages and town hall meetings to ask these questions.  For in the final analysis the central question is what does it mean to be an America?  Are we a culture of gun-toting, marauding, sociopaths who crush anything that comes between us and our self interest; or are we a people who understand that a sane society is born of service to the common good?