Thursday, January 16, 2014

End Run

This garbage cannot be too often written about, too often spoken about or overemphasized.  It is an end run around Roe v Wade.  It is collusion between organized religion  fanatically functioning as a lobby – tax free I might add – pandering politicians, those beholding to them for Supreme Court appointments and a greedy culture of moral paralytics who are hoping to create a class of workers who are so overburdened and undervalued that they will accept anything as payment for their services just to stay alive. Beyond the proselytizing about the sanctity of life is the old movable moral feast inherent in the marriage of dirty politics and carnivorous capitalism to a free market valued above the human beings it is suppose to serve.

This game is as old as politics itself – tell someone that the faith they hope will save them from the hobgoblins born of their own ignorance is being violated and watch them go nuts. Then invoke the age old hatred of women, and in the end the money changers will be let back in the temple and everyone else thrown out – all of this in the name of a much feared, motherless-father God.

It is impossible to overvalue the American people’s naiveté. It is impossible to overstate the tendency of those who think shallowly to follow closely those who have been corrupted deeply. Thus, by the time the good sheep wake up they are being led to the inevitable slaughter without the slightest idea how they got there.

We wait in anticipation and trepidation for the nine “wise” men and women in Washington to make their decision, behaving in their infinite arrogance as if what they do is nothing more than an exercise in legal scholarship and will not roll over this Republic with the force of tyranny.  The devil can always find a new playground and the Roberts Court in its sure and certain knowledge that only their God can be the right God is currently one of his favorites. Once they have done their worst the tug-of-war to correct the abuses stemming from justifying assault, battery and maltreatment under the 1st Amendment begins again between the dishonorable and the marginally principled with American women being trampled, literally, in the middle.

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