Tuesday, January 7, 2014


As we enter this off-year election season I think that we need to be doing two things.  First, we need to do all we can to make sure that people we know or might know will vote and/or understand how to get registered to vote.  Next, we need to start asking some hard questions of those who would rule while claiming to serve.  We need to demand that members of our so-called free press start asking the same question.

In my estimation here are some fundamentally crucial questions.  What is it about this most exceptional and Christian of nations that requires the sacrifice of the poor, the sick, the elderly and the unemployed to a stingy, cruel and vicious conservative ideology?  What perversion of decency allows racketeers on Wall Street to walk free after nearly destroying the world economy; allows blood sucking oil companies and wealthy farmers to drain subsidies from the nation's coffers; allows legalized corruption in government to put the needs of the mega rich over the needs of hungry children; allows a twisted ethic to mandate the punishing of those who suffer while those who create that suffering are rewarded for their initiative?   Finally, who gave our vote-whoring politicians, steeped in graft, the right to dictate moral rectitude to a nation they sold out long ago?

Use Facebook, My Space, Twitter, Blogs, editorial pages and town hall meetings to ask these questions.  For in the final analysis the central question is what does it mean to be an America?  Are we a culture of gun-toting, marauding, sociopaths who crush anything that comes between us and our self interest; or are we a people who understand that a sane society is born of service to the common good? 

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