Thursday, September 29, 2016

The Nature of Feminism

I wonder if someone could tell me why Hillary Clinton – a woman for whom I have very little affection – is the only woman on this fucking planet who is not entitled to dislike the people who with malice of forethought and in full knowledge of his marital status engaged in an affair with her husband.  I further wonder what some of these slack-jawed, fawning and perniciously stupid Republican female talking heads would do if it were their husband.  Nina Turner – who I adore – said tonight that she doesn’t know a woman who would be willing to “cozy up to her husband’s mistress.”  Damn straight.

Let’s be real clear here, Lewinski, Jones and Flowers had their own agendas.  The only one that could reasonably be considered a victim, and this by virtue of her age, was Lewinski.  If memory serves even she once bragged of going to the White House to get her presidential kneepads, or something like that.  

My first husband was a chaser.  I used to take his laundry to his girlfriends.  I figured that they had the good times and may as well have some of the shit.  I got rid of the jackass pretty quickly.  I am not sure how I would have felt if I had loved him.  One thing I do know is that I certainly wouldn’t have wanted to have long sisterly conversations over tea with his women.

Feminism is not a religious ritual of self sacrifice.  It is a socioeconomic and political philosophy that advocates for the liberty and equality of women – an ethical proposition that is reciprocal in fact.  I for one have never felt the need to treat unethical people ethically.  Hey, that’s just me.

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Career Stupid

This morning the Senate has voted to override Mr. Obama's veto of the bill that would allow Americans to sue Saudi Arabia for 9/11. Specifically, the people in question are the families of 9/11 victims. The House is set to override in a few hours. I have called Senator Michael Bennett and Congressman Ed Perlmutter to express my disgust with this naked act of vote whoring.
Let me say, without equivocation and in the strongest possible terms, that our Congress has made a career out of doing stupid things over the years; but this is beyond stupid. In an election year, in an effort to appease a group of people who will never be appeased and who have an incredible amount of political clout, we have set a precedent that can come back on us in myriad ways. Supposing while we are suing the Saudis, Iraq sues us for war crimes? If the Saudis' national sovereignty is meaningless in the current geopolitical Gestalt, so is ours. Supposing Saudi Arabia calls in or sells off $117 billion of U.S. debt which makes them the 13th largest holder of our debt (CNN Money, May 16, 2016)? Who will they sell too, and what effect will this have on our bond market?
Finally, who can really enforce jurisdiction to hear these lawsuits - our courts or the World Court? If the latter, will that court even recognize these legal maneuvers? How are these settlements, if any, to be enforced and collected? What effect does this have on our interests overseas - economic, diplomatic and military? This is an ill thought out act of political grandstanding which, I believe, we will come to regret.

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Speaking Out on Twitter

If Donald Trump is a "change agent," I am a tall blonde, with big tits - see Facebook profile picture to the right. He is a tool of the far Right, pimping the same old crap - feed the rich, stave the workers and the poor, and as the old rock-n-roll song says, "do it in the name of heaven." Paul Ryan is a mealy mouthed little horse's-ass who is trying to support the party nominee and distance himself from the lunacy at the same time. That is like committing murder while insisting you were only moving the victim into a higher socioeconomic group. As the Brit's would say, bollocks.

Monday, September 26, 2016

La La Land

Clinton spent ninety minutes smiling, laughing and letting Trump step on his dick. Brian Williams informed us that Ben Ginsburg the Republican mouthpiece and talking head, who swore that the debate would be unremarkable just before showtime, was fine and in the Witness Protect Program. Richard Engel, MSNBC's Chief Foreign Correspondent, described one plank of Trump's foreign policy strategy as a Mafioso type extortion racket where NATO nations would be forced to pay the U.S. protection money in the manner of the Capone mob circa 1920s. All in all it was a madcap, hysterically funny evening at the debate in a kind of hideously terrifying way.

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Dancing Around a Poll

This is the most terrifying elections season of my memory - which goes back to Kennedy v. Nixon.  In those days it was the Russians, the Cubans and the Cold War one had to fear.  Today it is a smarmy business man, of questionable competence, backed by some of the most frightening fanatics ever dredged up from the dark underbelly of American politics to stand in the light of a national election.  Donald Trump has bought everyone and everything he has ever desired to own, and now the White House appears to be on his wish list.  I don’t believe for one moment that he will run his government.  He will be window dressing, a clown prince behind which the sinister people who support him will enact their agenda with impunity and in the shadows – Dick Cheney, only much worse.  Now that fucking scares me.

As we proceed through this chamber of horrors that is the 2016 presidential election, one cannot help but recognize the malignant contributions of the mechanics that have build and run this freak show – the mainstream media, with special attention to the cable-24/7 stable of overpaid, over coiffed, mostly unconscious shills. Day after day they add another horrifying attraction/distraction.  Today it is a new NBC/SurveyMonkey poll that shows Trump leading Clinton with military and veteran voters.  When you pull this bit of papier-mache apart you find under all the hot air, bluff and flummery that the poll was an online poll conducted from August 29th thru September 4, among 32,226 registered voters (1/100% of the population) including 3,358 who currently or previously served in the military (1/1000% of the population).  You can cut off my legs and call me shortie if that ain’t a joke!

This slide of hand is undoubtedly designed to gin up interest, and not a little fear, for tonight’s “Commander and Chief Forum” on MSNBC.  It isn’t the first time they have done it; they have been doing it with medical information for years.  Just last week some talking head with more hair cells than gray cells was cross examining Dr. Fauci of the NIH about a study that linked Zika Virus in people living outside of the womb to Guillain-Barre Syndrome and a neurological disorder that presents with swelling of the brain and spinal cord that can damage the myelin sheath of nerves and is often misdiagnosed as Multiple Sclerosis.  Fauci tried to explain that one little study does not a medical surety make, and it is unwise to report these things as if they are the product of sound medical research grounded in the scientific method producing repeated evidence of a pathological trend.  She smiled, blinked and tried to understand.  She understood none of it, and the media continued to run the story the rest of the day.  One would have thought that the Ebola fiasco would have taught them something; but, apparently they are like baby birds in that every day is a brand new day with nothing coming before or after.

Without question these people have less understanding of the need for veracity then our politicians.  Yellow and tabloid journalism are their stock and trade.  They spew panic and misinformation for profit and ratings without the slightest care for the impact of their "reporting".  More importantly they seem to take no responsibility, and feel that they are never to be held accountable. That should terrify us all.