Thursday, September 29, 2016

The Nature of Feminism

I wonder if someone could tell me why Hillary Clinton – a woman for whom I have very little affection – is the only woman on this fucking planet who is not entitled to dislike the people who with malice of forethought and in full knowledge of his marital status engaged in an affair with her husband.  I further wonder what some of these slack-jawed, fawning and perniciously stupid Republican female talking heads would do if it were their husband.  Nina Turner – who I adore – said tonight that she doesn’t know a woman who would be willing to “cozy up to her husband’s mistress.”  Damn straight.

Let’s be real clear here, Lewinski, Jones and Flowers had their own agendas.  The only one that could reasonably be considered a victim, and this by virtue of her age, was Lewinski.  If memory serves even she once bragged of going to the White House to get her presidential kneepads, or something like that.  

My first husband was a chaser.  I used to take his laundry to his girlfriends.  I figured that they had the good times and may as well have some of the shit.  I got rid of the jackass pretty quickly.  I am not sure how I would have felt if I had loved him.  One thing I do know is that I certainly wouldn’t have wanted to have long sisterly conversations over tea with his women.

Feminism is not a religious ritual of self sacrifice.  It is a socioeconomic and political philosophy that advocates for the liberty and equality of women – an ethical proposition that is reciprocal in fact.  I for one have never felt the need to treat unethical people ethically.  Hey, that’s just me.

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