Sunday, January 12, 2014

Meet Steve King of Iowa

The man in the following clip is a despicable, duplicitous, misogynist and is unfit to serve all the people of his district in my estimation.  He is fine with cutting food stamps, denying poor children healthcare - hell free lunches are a drain on the budget as far as this mutt is concerned.  However, in his twisted world view billion dollar oil companies need subsidies and family planning is anti Christian.  He wouldn't know a Christian if they roared up his ass on a 2 x 4.  

Women of Iowa get rid of this bastard.  Steve King is not a man of faith; in my opinion he is a goddamned tyrant who peddles religion for the opportunity to stay in office for life.  He should be asked what the hell he thought he was doing making light of the struggles of poor women.  This man has no more right to hold the public trust then Jack the Ripper would have to run a home for aging prostitutes.

As a people we must get past believing that everyone who can quote the Bible and calls themselves a Christians is telling the truth.

Rep. Steve King Thinks The High Cost of Abortion For Low-Income Women Is Hilarious

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