Tuesday, January 10, 2017

The Wages of Karma

I don't care whether you believe this shit or not, the irony is rich. On the 20th of January the Office of the President of the United States will be vacant, and the circle jerk will begin. Scandal followed by revelations of wrong doing followed by doubt and conspicuous theories of all kind as we watch what is left of our institutions crumble before our eyes. Trump proposes to shove his corrupt cabinet down our throats without so much as a "one moment please," from the whores in the House and Senate. The moral Right waxes moral as it suffers the little children to come unto the Lord, providing they can pay for a ticket.
All we need is Monty Python. This is the Holy Grail of American idiocy. I am so glad we are friends and can enjoy this together. Shakespeare couldn't have written this; Jung couldn't have imagined it; the next four years will be a surreal absurdity beyond the wildest dreams of Poe or Coleridge on opium or Fitzgerald and Hemingway in their cups.

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