Friday, February 10, 2017

In Solidarity

This is why so many men and women continue to support Bernie. By contrast Pelosi proudly displays her hubris, bragging about being "a capitalist" which from out here in the real world, where people actually work for a living, often looks like legalized corruption. The Bible thumpers suck up to a man who worships himself and his wealth only, scream about the immorality of abortion for the sake of LIFE, support war and capitol punishment and deny help to children at risk - ours and everybody else's. Both are repulsive beside Sanders whose faith is in a world of hope born of charity. His vision is based upon the sense that we can't escape our common needs and dependence upon one another. His liturgy is solidarity.
Whether you like Bernie or not, and be clear I don't much give a damn, a reckoning with his decency, his honor and his integrity is unavoidable. Bernie Sanders has been the same guy, standing for the same values since he first appeared on camera being drug off a campus in cuffs.
While the proud, the haughty, the ignorant and the self destructive gaze at themselves in a cracked mirror, both political parties seem to be set on going the way of the Wigs. The Democrats betrayed their base long ago, and continue in denial of that fact. The Republicans have crawled in bed with, to borrow a phrase from another religion's book, the Anti-Christ whom they insisted is their rightly ordained savior and prophet.
It is time for a new paradigm, time to put people over profit. It is time for a leap in consciousness. It is time to stop blaming one another and time to start teaching and learning together for the resistance and in solidarity.

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