Monday, October 22, 2012

The Rockies

Colorado is both High Planes and High Desert.  Between the two stretches the Rocky Mountains and at the highest point the Continental Divide.  I traveled last week by train from Denver on the Planes to Grand Junction in the Desert.  I rode through numerous canyons and valleys of inestimable beauty.  The Colorado River sailed along beside me flowing east on the Planes side of the slope and west on the Desert side as gravity shifted – and in some ways reality.  I crested the Divide in the center of Moffat Tunnel which is over six miles long.  In the darkness of that structure if you listen very carefully past the rhythm and hum of the wheels you will hear the Goddess’ heart beating deep in the Earth.  There She whispers words of comfort, wisdom and sanity to be taken out into the light of what is often an idiotic world. 

The pictures in this album are some of the best photos taken on my journey.  I post them here as a testament to the nobility and supremacy of nature and to the grand splendor which the Goddess has given us.  We take it for granted, overlook it and sometimes disregard it, but it exists in spite of us and always will because while we strive to create, She is creation itself.  While we strive for beauty, She is the very essence and inspiration of the beautiful, the profound and the poetic.  The puny and pathetic manipulations, the infantile and insidious acts of hubris that we imagine to be power are as nothing to the One who with and through Her immortal being fashioned the canyons and valleys where the Colorado River runs.




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