Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Stop S 405

I have spent the better part of this morning doing battle with Cory Gardner. Somebody in his office can read - who knew. This is the material point. The use of steel jawed traps will be expanded by S 405 to be used on more Federal land. These goddamned things shouldn't be used at all.
Both our Republican Senators - if you think Bennett is a Democrat, you need to look the word up - support this bill. Bennett co-sponsored it. Gardner's excuse for supporting it is that a) Lisa Murkowski from Alaska is the primary sponsor; b) it is Bipartisan; c) it protects the rights of hunters. As I told Cory the Village Idiot, I don't give a damn what Murkowski does; Bipartisan Cruelty is still cruelty; and my husband who has been hunting since before this sorry excuse for a Senator was out of puberty said that no self respecting hunter would use one of these traps.
In the final analysis one wonders about the efficacy of allowing someone who needs to trap their pray and hold it stationary to hunt or use a gun at all. That aside these instruments are horrible, and as Brad noted indiscriminate. Any creature, protected or not, even a child might wonder into one.
Please if you have a moment, send a message using the link below and via the Human Society to your Senator telling them that this bill is unacceptable, immoral and stupid.

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