Wednesday, December 21, 2016

The Con is On

Before we head into 2017 and the burlesque of Trump's inauguration, let us take stock. There is no reason for anyone to reiterate the idea that, "He is not my president." Trump won't be anyone's president. He is a self aggrandizing sociopath; a two-for-a-nickle grifter; a confidence man's confidence man who - along with the the league of scoundrels he proposes to place in his cabinet - will turn the United States of America into his personal hedge fund.
They will do the only thing they have ever done, make money. I have said before and will say again, when money is all you want, money is all you get. Money has been all America has wanted for a very long time. We now have, arguably, the richest man who has ever stepped foot in the Oval Office. He is proposing to appoint the richest crew of cabinet secretaries ever to disgrace America. Yes, we have money. We don't have intellect, integrity, erudition, education, experience, wisdom or even a president; but by the Living Goddess we have money. Everybody happy now?
Thus as we go forward into 2017 with little to hope for and less to admire, behold the Trump Doctrine. Peddle a little Pro-life and a little Second Amendment while bending the faithful over a table and calling it love of country.

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