Monday, October 9, 2017

What Happens in Las Vegas ...

What follows was written at the time of the Aurora shooting in 2012. I have revised it for the most recent atrocity. How long will we allow a lot of cynical and greedy people to run our government by proxy? I am referring to the NRA and other gun lobbyists. How long will we allow their sycophants and paid stooges to serve in that government? I am referring to parasites like John Thune, Senator from South Dakota, who recently told NBC that the American people need to "get small" in order to avoid being the victims of gun violence. If we want a different world we must change it now. Get active, speak out and for the love of all you hold dear prepare to vote in 2018.

"I need to say up front that I support the 2nd Amendment, although certainly not as is sometimes implied by lunatics on the Right as the Constitution in total. I also support common sense gun laws.  Further, I do not believe that the right to bear arms supersedes the Constitution. My Goddess does not require a tangible and phallic extension of Herself to reinforce the faith of Her followers or to grantee their allegiance. Many of my friends, including my best and most beloved friend, are gun owners. I understand their arguments with regard to the right to bear arms. Well all but one – that is the idea that somehow guns are tools and have nothing to do with the killing of human beings, or as was once said, "guns don't kill people, people kill people." This is the equivalent of saying instruments don’t play music; people play music.

Consider. One of the most beautiful pieces of music ever written is Mozart’s Violin Concerto No. 5, 2nd Movement. Had the skilled fingers of a violinist never met the strings of the violin, Concerto No. 5 would never have been heard - since by its passive nature even Mozart’s music cannot play itself. If the man in Las Vegas had never taken a huge number of guns into a hotel room and fired down at a crowd of people enjoying a concert over 50 human beings would still be alive and countless others whole and unharmed.

Does it meet the test of reason that Rachel Barton Pine would stand before a concert audience and hum Concerto No. 5 while her violin sits silently behind her in a chair? Accordingly, does it meet the test of reason that the Las Vegas shooter could have killed or wounded all of those people with a knife or a ball bat at a remove – is that not the advantage of a gun to inflict damage at a distance? Had he moved in close enough to his targets to use a more personal means of destruction wouldn’t someone or a number of some ones been able to stop him? Wouldn’t he have known that?

Therefore asserting the passivity of the weapon is not exculpatory because it does not reckon with efficiency or the assailant’s protection. The drama of gun violence is a symbiosis, reciprocity of aggressive action and passive reaction in which the gun co-stars.

Support the 2nd Amendment if you are so inclined. I may even support it with you - within limits. However, don’t expect me to support a simple-minded and tortured argument that insults my intelligence."

The roses featured below are the last of the season. Yesterday just before Goddess brought on the winter they were glowing bright in the autumn sun like candles on an altar. They are here in honor of the many who die from gun violence – not to defend a nation, an ideal or the Constitution, but for the greed of a few, the fear and hate of many and the sins of us all.

Monday, October 2, 2017

Another Outrage

If anyone tells you this is not the time to speak of guns, gun violence or gun control because you are politicizing the latest tragedy, tell them to insert that sentiment, their prayers and thoughts in the same orifice. On behalf of the dead and for the sake of the living, the time is NOW. The place today is LAS VEGAS.