Friday, December 8, 2017

The Feminine is Fed Up

We can't stop bad men by sacrificing good men. We can't attain the moral high ground on our knees. We can't let political opportunists lead a moral movement.
Questions: Would Al Franken have been sacrificed to the cause if he weren't in a safe Democratic seat? Is Jackie Speier's reticence to identify men that she claims to have knowledge of engaging in sexual harassment/abuse an act of cowardice? Is Kirsten Gillibrand attaching herself to the MeToo Movement to gain political currency to spend in a bid for the 2020 presidential campaign?
Consider: Senator Robert Menendez, accused of corruption, was given due process both by the Senate Ethics Committee and the judiciary. Jackie Speier, according to her office, refuses to offer up the names of the other people in Congress who have been part of this malignant misogyny because "the victims don't want to come forward." They don't have to do anything of the kind. Many accuser have reported their harassment/abuse anonymously. Gillibrand whipped up a mob - I am sorry to say Sanders was part of it. I don't like mobs. I don't like mob action. Full disclosure, I don't like Gillibrand.
The MeToo Movement is righteous. Many women have suffered mightily because of male sexual aggression in the workplace. I am not one of them, but many women have suffered. The Movement is the logical outgrowth of electing a career sexual predictor to the highest office in the land. The feminine is fed up.
MeToo is far to important to be tarnished, indeed undermined, by scapegoating for political gain, attempting to sustain a moral position without transparency, or the kind of sick opportunism that is part and parcel of the tribalism that threatens our very democracy.

Saturday, December 2, 2017

Crawling for Coins

The Senate did as they were told & are picking their donor's coins up off the floor. Now off to watch the House crawl. Proud of your government? It is time to make sure all this donor money is wasted at the polls. VOTE THEM OUT IN '18!

OUT IN '18.