Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Normalizing Trump

Trump is angry about Nunberg being on T.V. yesterday says the media as if speaking about Elizabeth I being angry about the Queen of Scots plotting to steal her throne. Who gives a fuck what Donald Trump is angry about? Just because the Idiot and Chief thinks he's a king, MSNBC doesn't have to agree.
I grow increasingly disgusted with the media normalizing Trump. I have said before, and will say again, they get up every morning looking for JFK, Reagan, George Bush the Elder or Obama in the Oval Office. Along about 5 pm EST they are pulling their hair out and running around screaming because Dumb and Dumber's crazier brother is still glowering at them from behind a camera.
They rant and rave about Trump's base or 80% of Republicans as if they are the majority of the American electorate. Somewhere between 23-38% of the voting public identify as Republican. Trump's approval rating this morning is 35%. Taking the high end figure 80% of 38% is roughly 30%. This is hardly a majority.
Between Gerrymandering and voter suppression - both of which are facing significant legal challenges and going down in defeat - the Republican Party has managed to hold power at the expense of the will of the people. Donald J. Trump is the logical outcome of winning by cheating and standing firmly on a platform of greed, xenophobia, legalized corruption and the perversion of the Christian faith to meet an ever more vacuous Conservative ideology.
A blue wave is said to be coming. That will only happen if the Democrats can manage to find a message and agenda, beyond the threat of impeachment, that serves the American people and not just K Street, Wall Street and a petri dish full of squirming donors who have infected this country with a plague of selfishness, gluttony and blind self interest.
We the people must do routine and rigorous reality checks on the would be jounalists who balloon the 30% into a majority to swell ratings and preserve their position of power in the cable news industry. We must insist that Trump is neither a king nor a popular president.
In point of fact, Donald Trump is a bad joke played on a gullible public by the establishment of both parties - the Republicans who supported him and the Democrats who let him win by default.
Come November VOTE!