Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Kick the Bum Out

Call me crazy - its been done. Call me stupid - someone did that once when I was seven. Call me over emotional - hey, I am an Italian, of course I am over emotional, and proud of it. Still and all, I am appalled and sickened by the casualness with which the media and others are treating the idea that President Obama could have been under the immediate medical supervision of someone too drunk to help him if he had need of the help.
I spent decades in the medical profession. I know how easily staff is intimidated, tricked, bullied and lied into covering for a superior. Add to it the rank and privileged of the military and I can easily imagine many people covering for Jackson or anyone like him.
Having said that, and with the caveat that these are allegations, if this doctor was at anytime too drunk to tend to a medical situation involving or around the President of the United States whether the president was overseas or in the White House, he needs to lose his medical license and quickly, full stop. After that the military, Trump and his swaggering twats on Capitol Hill can stuff Jackson in whatever orifice he will fit.