Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Women Will Be Ready

I called Cory Gardner’s office this morning.  I left the message that while I don’t expect the gutless Republicans to buck Trump’s Supreme Court nomination, I do and they should expect a backlash.  It won’t come immediately or even quickly perhaps, still it will come if Roe is overturned or more severally restricted.  

No one is going to stop abortion, not the Republican Party, the Federalist Society, the Supreme Court or the shrinking, while still vociferous, Trump base.  They will only stop safe abortion. Women will die at the hands of butchers; with coat hangers and knitting needles embedded in their wombs; from pennyroyal tea brewed too strong and causing hemorrhage from every orifice of the body.

Yes, women will die. They will die badly. They will die tragically. And they will begin to die quickly because illicit providers will spring up to meet the need with options that the self righteous, the stupid, the fanatical and the demented have stripped away for no other reason than because they can.  Just like Prohibition an army of criminals will present themselves to make money off of the calamity of a misguided, ill informed, poorly thought out and, in no small part, self serving power play by people who think they have a right to control the lives of others.

Nonetheless, try as they will these misogynistic, knuckle dragging throwbacks to another age – both genders are sadly culpable here – cannot bring back the 1950s.  This time the horror and pain, the wretchedness and the murder will be seen.  Women’s organization will make sure that the plight of women who are doomed to choose between a child they can’t care for or feed, a child of rape or incest and their own lives is known.  Women like me with a voice and pen will see to it that stories are told.  Finally, those who condemn these women to this once and future hell will be known and will be seen to have aided and abetted the slaughter and waste their egomania will bequeath to members of over half of the population.

This will be the backlash. This will be the Gestalt of the Republicans, the Right and their assorted hand maidens, bagmen and sycophants.  I suggested that Gardener think on it, pray on it and dream about it.

For as Shakespeare said, there is a
special providence in the fall of a sparrow. If it be
now, tis not to come; if it be not to come, it will be
now; if it be not now, yet it will come. The 
readiness is all.

Women will be ready when the time comes.