Saturday, July 18, 2009


This morning I caught an ad on CNN. A woman claimed to be a Canadian who needed brain surgery at one point and was told that she would have to wait some ridiculous period of time. I say ridiculous because some of the claims about the British and Canadian systems boarder on malpractice. At any rate, she indicated that she had to come to the US for surgery. It begs the question, what in hell did she use to pay for her care? I know neurosurgeons. I worked with many when I was in institution health care. THEY DO NOT WORK PRO BONO.
There is something really strange about all the crap being spread with regard to health care in other countries. There aren't too many people walking around who could afford to pay out of pocket for resection of a brain tumor. It seems to me that either she is lying or there is something she isn't telling us.

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