Friday, January 8, 2010

The Big Lie

We have always had abortion on demand in this country. We do it in hospitals now instead of garages. De-legalize it or restrict access to it and we go back to the garage. That is the real choice in prochoice.

When I entered the hospital setting back in the late 60’s/early 70’s - long before many of the women who now take their reproductive rights for granted were fully formed ova - I had the appalling misfortune of watching a 13 year-old girl die from what a back alley abortionist had done to her immature womb. Her death was long and hard and cruel. Her parents kept asking, "Why didn’t she tell us?" "Why?" Perhaps it was the twin, cardinal virtues of the "good girl" back in the day, fear and shame. Perhaps it was a mistaken confidence that anyone who called themselves a doctor wouldn’t hurt you. Whatever it was it cost her life.

Today, decades after Roe v. Wade became established law, a handful of Conservative Democrats in the House and Senate along with their enablers in the leadership, Obama included, have decided to send women back to the alleys to exercise their reproductive options. The pathetic and sniveling excuses for health care reform legislation dribbling out of both chambers of Congress are fully informed with the idea of making a Woman’s Right to Choose irrelevant by drying up access to safe, therapeutic abortion. This tactic of supposedly enfranchising one group of people by disenfranchising another is called leverage in politics. It is called extortion in the real world. These narcissistic, self serving, seedy politicians - yes I include Obama - are engaged in misogyny of the most evil kind. Once again women are reminded that our minds and bodies are of secondary importance in the urine laced sandbox that is the affairs of men. We will follow the tenets of a bloody faith we may not accept and have children we can’t care for because the power grabbing of our politicians, including so-called feminists, Goddess help us all, is more important than the life and safety of generations of women.

Lest you take all the bible thumping and pre-born loving too seriously in a country that has been content to accept one of the highest infant mortality rates in the world and the denial of prenatal care to women having their second child on the grounds that pregnancy is a preexisting condition, all of this in the name of profit, let me tell you a little more about the bad old days before abortion was legal. If you think that the Obamas or Stupaks or Nelsons or Pelosis or Boxers or Reids, etc., are going to abide by the lousy laws they shove down the public’s throat - think again. We used to see the wealthy, the powerful, the well connected and the holier than thou slink into the hospital years ago. Their surgical procedure was listed as a DC. The procedure done was a DC with suction. Their diagnosis was recorded as abnormal uterine bleeding. The diagnosis in reality was a therapeutic abortion. The tissue removed was documented as uterine tissue. In reality the tissues evacuated were the productions of conception. We came to suspect that many of these people lied for a living and compulsively. They lied to constituents, themselves and probably to their god. One thing we knew for sure, they didn’t end up in alleys. This was elitism and class warfare of the most gruesome kind.

There is no doubt that there are many decent people who are prolife. Certainly, there are many committed prolife women. To them I respectfully say, abortions is an individual woman’s question. Her decision to terminate a pregnancy is between her, her Deity, her partner, and her doctor. This is not a societal concern. It is not a government issue, and above all it is not the province of any organized religion. A Pagan woman is not bound by the teachings of the Catholic Church. She has as much right to the protection of the Constitution and secular law as any other woman. Roe v Wade is the law of the land. Insisting that women be denied equal protection under the law because some religious coup d'├ętat enjoys the ear of our legislators is obscene. The very idea of laws dictated by religious groups would have seemed insane to Thomas Jefferson, but then he didn’t lean on the Catholic Bishops to make laws in his time as Ben Nelson did during the debate over health care reform.

Obama promised us change. I had no idea that he intended to change the early 21st Century for the mid 20th Century with regard to women’s rights. Back then women routinely died because they couldn’t obtain a clinically safe abortion. I am afraid they will start dying again, and when they do the blood will be on Obama’s hands. After all he keeps telling us that the buck stops with him.

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