Saturday, April 24, 2010

Somewhere in the Darkness

Some in the mainstream media seem to be discovering that they have given the tea partiers more coverage then they deserve. Well hell, ain’t it amazing. There are more people on Downtown Denver's streets at lunchtime then have shown up at some tea party rallies, and the media thinks they may have credited them with too much influence - wow, brilliant.

Never have so few been served by so many to damage so much. I continue to hear leaders of the tea party and leaders of the Republican Party mouth falsehoods one after another into any microphone that is available. While media types sit frozen, wide-eyed like dear in headlights, seemingly unable to argue with or even question what is being said. Further, our journalistic community appears not to realize that every lie serves to eat away at this President’s perceived veracity not to mention the integrity of his legislation the way infection eats away at the integrity of tissue. In the final analysis the question becomes what lasting effect will this campaign of deceit have on the institution of the presidency and the legislative process.

It goes without saying that the current breed of politician tends to be myopic with a near sociopathic obliviousness to anything other than self promotion. Still in all there needs to be a limit to the fabricating, mudslinging, slander spreading emesis that passes for political discourse. Goddess knows that our cowardly media is incapable of setting those limits. Many members of the public lemming-like, believing whatever they are told, get in line and follow any voice of doom through the looking glass and against their own interests. Thus, a health care bill that will cover 30 million of them is still unpopular on the grounds that it is Socialism.

It seems to me that politicians, the media and the public all have a large piece of responsibility for the nightmare we are living now. Nonetheless, be it sickness, cowardice or foolishness there is a special place in hell for people like Frank Luntz, Republican spin mister, personality assassin and apparatchik, who counts on the full trinity when sculpting a propaganda campaign designed to destroy his political opponents with lies rather than help his fellow Americans know the truth.

In as much as this man has written many of the talking points that were used to discredit health care reform and now financial reform it is interesting that so few people know of him. I think it behooves people to find out about him. Men like Luntz do their best work in the dark - shine a light.


  1. Luntz was a familiar figure on CNN during the campaign in 2008....his "focus groups" were often televised during and after the Debates. He is a pollster that has gained the trust of the radical Republicans in Congress, and though he tries to be hidden his memos are often leaded and MSNBC reveals them to their audience. Mitch McConnell is so stupid he uses the "memo talking points" word for word. We need to be ever alert, and thank Arrianna Huffington and the online whistle blowers for their efforts.

  2. Kitty, I pray that people will began to become alert. Guys like Luntz are bloody dangerous at the best of times.

  3. Waiting for your next post on Blogger.....