Thursday, June 17, 2010

Goat for Azazel

Recently I have heard some Christians attributing the corruption, greed, and deceit within their own ranks to Pagans - specifically Witches. This is BS in the first degree. Whether we follow the Rede or not we have absolutely no interest in distorting Christian values. It seems to me that many Christians are hell bend on doing it themselves.

This particular bit of scapegoating appears to hinge upon our practice of magick and its alleged infiltration into the Christian world. Let me be very clear, Pagans and Witches do not share their knowledge of magick or anything else for that matter with outsiders in an arbitrary and capricious way. There are some damn good reasons for this - the majority of them have to do with fire. Without our knowledge most people wouldn’t know magick if it flew up their butt on a Kaiser roll with mustard, ketchup, salt and pepper.

Christians have no monopoly on ethics or honor. Witches do not seduce or influence people against their will. We do not turn men and women into the Anti-Christ. We also don’t fly over houses on brooms grabbing Volkswagens and small children.

Those who subscribe to this asinine position might do the world a favor and take some responsibility for your own problems. That is the first thing a good therapist would tell them to do. They should find one.

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