Wednesday, May 2, 2012

An Ah-Ha Moment

I was listening to David Frum talk last night. He is a brilliant man and a true Conservative Republican. He has no use for the Tea Party or the squealing bigots on the Religious Right. I often read him, as I said before to know what the other side is thinking, and because he is one of the few Republicans writing today who seems able to treat his adverbs and adjectives with courtesy.

Still, in hearing him speak and considering his work I finally realized what separates people like me from people like Frum, no matter how smart, reasonable or genuine they are. I can't afford their politics. I couldn't afford them when I was busting my ass in the OR, the ER and the ICU, working double and triple shifts to help my husband keep a roof over our heads. Now that things are better I still can't afford their politics for what the Catholic clerics call the good of my immortal soul.

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