Thursday, December 27, 2012

In the Wake of December 21, 2012

The 21st of December has come and gone, and the Mayan Calendar has ended.  Having never been one to subscribe to end time prophecies I am not particularly surprised that we are all still here.  I have never been able to give serious credence to the idea that the world would destroy itself to get rid of the insignificant likes of us.  As a Pagan who believes that the Goddess is the world and the world is the Goddess the idea of Her suicide is ludicrous to the point of being incomprehensible.  As a sometime student of Christianity – largely for self protection – The Book of Revelations seems to me to be much like a journal that was passed from lunatic to lunatic as a crude form of Occupational Therapy in an ancient asylum and cannot be taken seriously.

Still I have no doubt that there is more than one way for the world to end.  I have said before and will say again that I believe that we are leaving a Dark Age and moving into a new Renaissance where the light of consciousness will serve the common good.  Not indirectly or incidentally as was the case with the first Renaissance before the nuanced understanding of freedom and diversity.  Instead it will be sweeping and profound, involving anyone who is interested in giving up their old thought forms.  
The American architect, Louis Sullivan said, “Form follows function.”  It is clear to anyone who thinks deeply about the world around them that most of our forms no longer function.  They are eroded, corroded and bastardized by every manner of corruption.  We have lost our way and whether we know it or not are wondering in the darkness.  The fear, frustration and panic that we feel is the collective unconscious knocking on the door of perception and screaming, “Open up.  It is time for the next leap.  I have much to tell and show you.”
I believe that locked in the collective unconscious with Jung’s primary archetypes, including the Shadow, are the pure ideals on which our forms rest - Love, Faith, not necessarily in a God, Peace, Truth and Justice.  The last three are polluted.  Peace is unprofitable and therefore unattainable.  Truth is relative and disposable and therefore unreliable.  Justice is pimped through the laws created and distorted by legislators and politicians of every stripe until like an old whore the blind lady limps around behind anyone who might give her the price of a meal for one more humiliation, and is therefore unidentifiable. 
Love and Faith have been disfigured and compromised by commerce to such an extent that they are nearly meaningless as unspoiled expressions of the dignity of the human soul.  Many Pagans view love, both romantic and collective, through the image of the Great Aphrodite, Goddess of Universal Love.   Via the contrivance of greed and shallow thought she has become a cosmic bimbo with augmented breast, cheek implants and the IQ of a guppy.  Her only universal aspect is an unqualified desire to fall into every bed in existence.  Faith is a bargaining chip in a high stakes card game.  The pot isn’t money it is political power.  The right God, the right church and the right “values” are critical in amassing political authority, and in fact are a litmus test rigorously monitored by the unscrupulous who lead the unthinking blindly to the polls election season after election season. 
Taken all together it is a god-damned mess, and one that is becoming increasing unbearable for thinking people who see life as a path to enlightenment and a higher consciousness.  The energy which so many of us have felt, are feeling, will begin to feel – sadly for some will never feel – is building day by day, betrayal by betrayal, lie by lie, bullet by bullet toward implosion.  Although we may perceive the anticipated leap of consciousness as taking a fair amount of time in our reckoning, this bloodless coup will clear away old worn-out ideas and shatter form relics with the relative speed and intensity of a great storm; yet, without a single shot being fired, a single grenade being thrown or a single explosive charge being detonated.  That in and of itself will be a mighty leap forward.

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