Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Time to Raise Hell

Have just called my House member and Senator to demand that they support the assault weapons ban.  I pointed out:
1)  No one is talking about taking the guns of responsible gun owners.
2)  No one needs and assault weapon that can fire hundreds of rounds per minute, indeed faster than most people can think - although for some people in this country we could say that about a revolver.
3)  The bloody second amendment is one damn sentence long and was written by a bunch of birds who were skeptical of keeping a standing army.  Well I don't want to surprise anyone, but we have had a standing army - not to mention a Navy, Air Force, Marne Corp and Special Forces  - for decades even centuries.
4)  It is time for the United States' Congress to stop behaving like a brothel, pull their head out of the NRA's ass and function like leaders rather than lumps on the ass of the Republic. 
Follow the links below to find your lumps:

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