Sunday, October 6, 2013

Buffoons and the People Who Control Them

Yesterday, I saw a video of some pompous ass calling a group of people employed by the federal government parasites.  I saw the same thing in videos from Wisconsin when angry citizens stood and called teachers parasites.  It breaks my heart now, as it did then.  My husband spent forty odd years working for the Department of Agriculture, Food and Nutrition Service.  Neither he nor his friends and colleagues, Debby, Paula or Michelle to name a few, were or are parasites. 
Anyone of them could have gone out into the private sector and earned a hell of lot more money than ever they did working for the Feds or this ungrateful nation.  However, they all shared the idea that their work was valuable and that in this most Christian of countries feeding those in need was a trust which they were proud to accept.  So while the hawks in the Pentagon and in Congress went screech along starting wars to shove our moral vision of human dignity down the world’s throat and chiseling politicians on both sides of the aisle wrote promissory notes in their campaigns to honor and protect the social contract with the most vulnerable, my husband and his colleagues did the work that brought the vision to life and made good on the promise.  

I looked at the buffoon yesterday disrespecting the government employees in front of him as if he had a right to and thought, what do you do for a living?  Can it be that you are so stupid that you don’t realize that once the public sector workers have been discredited and invalidated by that cabal of the superior rich, the Heritage Foundation, Jim DeMint, their stooges in the Tea Party and whores in Congress that they will need someone else to use as a foil in their war against anyone who isn’t one of them.  Will it be construction workers, cab drivers, food service workers, nurses; how many people before they get to you?  If you are one of those small business owners who think that you will get a seat at the table when labor is finally put in its place – do the world a favor and evolve.  You too will be swallowed up by big money, forced to go along to get along or be kicked to the curb just like your employees.

This is not about Capitalism or the Free Market.  This isn’t about freedom of any kind.  There never was a tyrant who rose to power threatening to enslave people.  They all promise freedom to the one group they have selected to play against the others. 
This is about destroying the Middle Class, breaking the back of the Working Class.  This is about a society where the rich rule and the poor serve.  So go ahead, bend your knee and kiss the master’s ring.  Follow the God of the ruling class, believe and say what you are told to, have more children than you can afford to feed and don’t expect them to have a better world than the one you have created.  Know most of all that eventually you will take your place in front of some other buffoon who will call you a parasite.  That is how it works, man.  Karma is a bitch.

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