Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Purely a Matter of Commerce

The other night Bill Maher interviewed Ann Coulter – can’t imagine why he bothers with the creature.  In my opinion to say that she is a liar is to do grievous injury to liars all over the world.  The woman is nothing more or less than an assassin whose preferred weapons are tongue and pen. 
Maher kept asking if she truly believes the things she says.  He misses the point.  Of course she believes what she says; she believes it will make money and that is the only point on her moral compass.  Coulter demonstrated as much when she made reference to her huge audience and the enormous earnings gleaned from her books as proof of her moral commitment to her version of Conservatism and, may Goddess help the Christians, Christianity.
She confirmed her biased view of the Constitution – the woman is supposedly a Constitutional lawyer – when she asserted that there are no grounds in the Constitution for the right to a safe, legal abortion.  This is utter flummery.  The right of choice is grounded in the implied right to privacy of the 14th Amendment.  Maher did not counter with the obvious comeback that if Roe can be viewed as tenuous with regard to Constitutional authority it is no more so than assuming that every gun owner qualifies as “well armed militia” under the 2nd Amendment.  
I have long held that Coulter, Limbaugh, Alex Jones and all the other bile spewing maggots on the Right given an extra $10,000,000 a year without a penny on their income tax would cross dress, run around the Hill singing the national anthem in Farsi and end their performance by taking a leak in unison in Sarah Palin’s mobile makeup kit. 
They are dangerous.  They are cruel.  They are provocateurs and parasites praying on the paranoid, the weak-minded and the gullible like fly larvae on a rotted corpse.  What they are not are true believers.  Anymore than the gun lobby and manufactures can be seen as true believers in the rights of gun owners.  It is purely a matter of commerce.  It is the very definition of cynicism.    

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