Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Politician Thy Name is Oblivious

The arrogance of the political class in this country today is unrivaled by any single group in my memory.  Perhaps the only thing I can compare it to is the French Court of Louie XVI, and we all know what happened to those sponges. 
I thought that I had seen it all until this afternoon when Michael Steele, former head of the RNC, was talking to Chris Matthews about the Christie debacle around the world’s busiest bridge being brought to a standstill.  When Matthews tried to bring up the fact that the mess could have resulted in real harm to real people, Steele blew it off.  In his estimation the whole thing concerned no one but Christie and nothing but his upcoming and much anticipated lumbering toward the White House.  During the course of the conversation it was even suggested that this was nothing more than a New Jersey style act of revenge against a mayor who refused to support his Majesty Balloon Boy, King of the Republican Hopefuls, and that it was perpetrated without his knowledge by two of his courtiers. 
Are these people raving, stark staring, bat-crap crazy?  First responders were paralyzed.  Whenever a large group of people are impeded they are imperiled. Someone could have had a heart attack or a stroke.  A child could have had a critical asthma attack or a seizure.  None of this happened, so the potential for any of it happening is irrelevant.  The only issue involved is the political agendas of the various players and their impact on Christie’s future.
Michael Steele is an egotistical, pompous ass and political hack in my estimation.  He is so busy pushing the Republican brand, what is left of it, and fantasizing about regaining the White House that he can’t even pretend to understand the impact of these political stunts on the people of this country.  Matthews should have forced him to answer the question.  Christie has as much chance of being president as I do of jumping up Tuesday a tall blonde with big tits who has just won the Miss America Pageant.
Having said all of this and getting to the bottom line, it becomes clearer everyday that We the People, far from being the bedrock and proprietors of this great Republic, have become irrelevant, superfluous, valued only on election day and tax day.  We are expected to vote as directed by either of two useless parties and to support the brothel in Washington that services the rich by running a kind of escort service to peddle the law and other forms of influence without shame or apology.   What I would like to know because our leaders are useless and the media is less than useless, who the hell do we see about this?

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