Sunday, January 11, 2015

Unity Rally

Our Ambassador to France was our only representative at the Unity Rally in Paris where over one million people, along with many heads of state, took to the streets in a show of defiance against terrorism.  I don’t know why neither Secretary Kerry nor Attorney General Holder – who is in France – didn't attend the rally; I can imagine why the Secret Service would have blown a fuse if the most threatened and menaced president in history attempted to join such a gathering.  Still in all, I think we could have made a bit better showing.  Even though to spite what many Americans think everything is not about us and this certainly was not. 

What really sent my hostility gauge jumping above fuming was the way our media handled coverage of this event.  Alex Witt on MSNBC this morning had a collection of “experts” nay saying and doomsdaying and finger pointing.  The last’s function was fulfilled by a young Israeli who spent the better part of his segment blaming Palestine, Islam and anybody else he could think of for the tragedy in Paris which he seemed to think was aimed primarily at the Jewish community.  Even Witt looked disgusted by the time she finished with him; not disgusted enough to give the other side equal time however.

Is it any wonder that the average person feels powerless and voiceless when such a fine show of human solidarity is treated with disrespect and indifference bordering on contempt?  The 24/7 media, acting like nothing so much as a flock of Carrion birds snacking on the dead, would have us believe that all is hopeless because if it bleeds it leads and hopelessness hemorrhages.   

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