Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Don't Presume, Never Presume

I am fascinated by the media's handling, or perhaps mishandling, of the Democratic presidential field this election season.  They talk a great deal about Secretary Clinton.  They talk a great deal about Vice President Biden.  Clinton is in the race.  Biden isn't.  For all intents and purposes they ignore Bernie Sanders, save to use the dread word SOCIALIST, no matter how many people appear at his venues. Well I am a Socialist, and I am here to tell you that there are many worse things you can be - most of which are attached to our government by the tentacles of Wall Street and corporate America and on both sides of the aisle; but let that go.
Since twenty-two seconds after President Obama won his re-election in 2012, corporate media and the Democratic Party have proclaimed Secretary Clinton the nominee presumptive. Perhaps that is why she is a little cavalier, a little tone deaf when she speaks to the thousands of us who support Bernie. Thus, while acknowledging with one breath that she understands why we are sick to death with the political parasites of both parties that infest our Capitol like mosquitoes swarming a stagnate pool, she touts the number of them supporting her with the next breath. Apparently, she hasn't given Bernie enough thought to understand that it is exactly his isolation from the sort-a-kind-a-Left-leaning, career politicians like McCaskill and Wassermann-Schultz that has rallied so many of us to his cause.
Now I am old, certainly. I am cranky, definitely. I am not as sharp as I was 20 years ago, indubitably. Nonetheless, I still have the wit and perspicacity to know when I am being pimped; or taken for granted because of my gender and supposed political leanings; or worse yet ignored by people who have bought into the idiocy of an American royalty and think that they have some kind of divine right to govern. In other words, I can still tell the manure from the roses. I don't like it when someone presumes that I can't - I don't like it at all.

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