Monday, October 12, 2015

Deeply Confused

The same media rat-bastards who filled their mouths with blood and helped Bush/Cheney promote their war of lies in Iraqi are calling Mr. Obama weak.  The same vile whores in the House and Senate, who have lived off the largess of the military-industrial complex, when they aren’t living off of someone else’s largess, are calling Mr. Obama weak.   All the while the corporate masters of these people sit in boardrooms and run the numbers, measuring the profit to be made from another war in the Middle East.  Our men and women in uniform who will perish in such a nightmare and our lost treasure are just the cost of doing business.  Mind you, the cost falls to the American people’s share; profits go to the corporate stock holders.

Is it possible that we live in a society that can only feel strong when at war?  Is it possible that our entire sense of geopolitical and economic power rests in the amount of killing our nation achieves every year?  What kind of philosophical and spiritual existence are we bequeathing our children when being a Christian is a litmus test for holding office, and following the teachings of the Prince of Peace is grounds for being called a weakling and a coward?  You decide.

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