Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Selective Reporting, Lazy Voters and Flim Flam

Corporate media apparatchiks like Chris Matthews have been warning that the Republican win in Kentucky may well be an indication of what we can expect in '16. They fail to tell us that only about 31% of the electorate turn-outed to vote.  Further, they fail to tell us about the three major anti-corruption victories in Maine, Seattle and San Francisco.  

Let us be clear.  Tea soaked nutjobs hiding their bigotry, homophobia and cruelty behind the Cross of Jesus Christ only win when turnout is low.  Big money and corruption in elections doesn't hurt their chances either.  

The election of Matt Bevins, Kentucky's wackjob du joir and other down ticket Republicans, is squarely on the Bluegrass State's electorate, nonetheless.  Neither Mr. Obama, Mr Conway or the Democrats can be blamed.  Anyone who stayed home yesterday and who subsequently loses access to health care as a result deserves what they get.  The children won't, however.  We can't expect the pro-life for the unborn cabal to give a shit about the born that may not be able to see doctors if Bevins materially damages Kentucky's Medicaid expansion.  Still, we might have expected their parents to care.

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